Fireworks Tents to be Set Up Again This Year

East Franklin Township Zoning Officer Greg McKelvey said a total of 11 permits were issued during May, including additions and demolition of structures and temporary tent businesses.

Several businesses have applied for a permit to sell fireworks in advance of the Fourth of July holiday.

Zoning Officer Greg McKelvey told East Franklin Township supervisors last week that requests have already been made during the month of May.

“Annually, we do a permit with Wal-Mart and TNT Fireworks for a tent sale that is in the parking lot,” McKelvey said. “Also annually, there has been a tent at the Rupp’s Appliance store. However, that is in West Kittanning borough. This year, that distributor, Keystone Novelties, working with Rupp’s, are going to move that tent across to the car wash, which happens to be in East Franklin Township. That is the first time we have done one for that.”

McKelvey described that area where East Franklin, West Kittanning, and North Buffalo Township all share boundary lines with each other. The group of businesses adjacent to Hiland Pharmacy are in East Franklin Township, while the property directly behind the pharmacy is associated with North Buffalo. Further down the road, Flynn’s Tire is in East Franklin, but the housing development behind the store is in North Buffalo.

Supervisor Dan Goldinger said that the line runs through Transue’s property at the corner of Pony Farm Road. He stated half of their property is in East Franklin while the other is in West Kittanning. He also said Mel’s Pizza was also listed as West Kittanning.

“To continue the conversation, the Belmont is in East Franklin Township; however, the Gastro-Pub (and Quality Inn) is in West Kittanning,” McKelvey said. “It’s very confusing and I have to check a lot on the properties.”

Also in his report, McKelvey said that demolition of several structures within the township have occurred during the month of May.

“These are structures that needed taken down. During my time as zoning officer, I am pleased with the structures that have been taken down and how they have been taken care of.”

McKelvey said two of the most recent structures were residences at 158 Pleasant View Drive, Kittanning and 755 East Brady Road in Cowansville.