Manor Home Busted for Drugs by Police

Corporal Michael Karabin escorts Michael Ryan Gribble into the Armstrong County Jail for video arraignment with District Magisterial Judge Kevin McCauslin Wednesday evening. Gribble kept a covering over his face to shield his identity from the media.


Manor Township Police raided a home at 111 Heather Lane that resulted in the discovery of a marijuana grow operation at that address.

The Ford City Police Department was investigating a robbery that led them to the home of Michael Gribble Sr. As Officer Tessmer and Armstrong County Sherriff’s Deputy Jason Hufhand arrived to talk to the suspect, the officers observed a strong smell of burnt marijuana and contacted the Manor Township Police Chief Eric Petrosky.

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, Petrosky stated that he arrived at the home and spoke with the son, Michael Gribble, Jr., about the smell of marijuana. Gribble Jr. said he had a medical marijuana card and was willing to show Petrosky the marijuana he had in his home. Petrosky observed several drug paraphernalia items. Gribble told Petrosky he grows marijuana in the house also and showed Petrosky a plant in one of three grow bags.

Gribble confirmed that he did not have a license to grow marijuana. He was removed from the residence and arrested for possession with Intent to Distribute, Manufacture, and Grow Marijuana.

A search warrant was executed on the residence. Officers from Manor Township, Ford City, the Sheriff’s Department, and County tramadolfeedback Detectives came together to remove approximately ten pounds of marijuana, marijuana plants, a large amount of prescription pills that were in marked and unmarked containers, small bags of a white powdery substance, grow lights, growing materials, dried mushrooms, and various other items used to grow, distribute, and manufacture marijuana and narcotics.

“We didn’t realize there was as much stuff in the house that there is,” Petrosky said. It took most of the day into the evening making multiple trips with multiple vehicles to transport the items to the Manor Township evidence room.

Gribble, who was clad in a hooded material to keep his identity from media cameras, was taken from the Manor Township Police Department to the Armstrong County Jail for video arraignment before District Magisterial Judge Kevin McCausland. Gribble was charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts for violation of the controlled substance, drug device, and cosmetic act.

Gribble is being held in the Armstrong County Jail in lieu of $40,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing was set for Tuesday, June 5, at 9AM before District Magisterial Judge Gary DeComo in Ford City.

A Manor Township police officer loads one box of what Police Chief Eric Petrosky says are “thousands” of items confiscated following a search warrant obtained for 111 Heather Lane Wednesday afternoon.


Multiple police vehicles surrounded the residence at 111 Heather Lane following the discovery of a marijuana grow operation at that address.