Manor Township Supervisors Propose Changes to Ordinances

Manor Township administration combed through many pages of proposed changes to Solid Waste and Burn ordinances at last night’s meeting. The proposed changes were not made available to the public other than what was openly discussed at the meeting. 

Manor Township supervisors studied proposed changes to two ordinances last night at their work session public meeting.

They agreed to send changes in Solid Waste Ordinance 2016-4 to their solicitor for final review before voting it into law. The changes will include defining residential waste as household garbage that also includes pet fecal matter and electronic waste. Clarification was also given regarding bulk items that are not considered waste such as tires or construction materials.There is also a requirement that residents must have an approved garbage collection hauler and be able to show proof if requested.

The supervisors spent quite a bit of time on proposed changes to Burning Ordinance 08-1.

The disagreement among supervisors came over defining the type of container that can be used when burning. According to the proposed ordinance, any air holes cannot be larger than two-inch square and all containers must have a screen on top to stop particles from exiting the container into the air. It also stipulates that the container be no closer than 25 feet from vehicles or dwellings.

Supervisor Bob Southworth did not agree with regulating the container.

“I think we are putting too much government in people’s faces,” he told fellow supervisors.

Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer said the proposed changes have been drafted from state and federal agencies, such as DEP, and that Manor did not have options to change them.

Because of the disagreement in the language of the ordinance, supervisors tabled changes until the next meeting to give supervisors time to study the issue.

In other action, supervisors agreed to join the Armstrong County Land Bank for a one-time fee of $500. They also agreed to clean water access ramp and do minor street repair for Manorville Borough at a contracted rate.