Governor Wolf Responds to Wagner Nomination

The Wolf campaign did not waste any time responding to Senator Scott Wagner winning the Republican nomination for Governor.

Unofficial returns show Wagner gathering 44% of Pennsylvanian votes. His challenger, Paul Mango, received 37% and Laura Ellsworth received 19%.

However, in Armstrong County, more than 49% of voters selected Mango as their nomination, against the state totals. Wagner only received 36% of the votes in our county.

Wolf campaign manager Jeff Sheridan released a statement last night denouncing Wagner.

“Leading the Republican legislature, Scott Wagner has been standing in the way of progress and blocking efforts to change Harrisburg and help Pennsylvania families. There is no greater example of Wagner’s obstructionist tactics than his opposition to the severance tax. Wagner was even caught conspiring with House Republican leadership to kill a severance tax to hurt Governor Wolf’s re-election and reports show that big oil and gas has spent over $60 million dollars on lobbying and political donations to avoid paying a commonsense severance tax.”

Wagner was endorsed by the State Republican Party.

“I want to thank Republican State Committee and our chairman Val Digiorgio.  Val was critical to our victory and I am looking forward to a strong and unified party as Val and I lead together,” Wagner said during his victory speech. “The truth is, running for office was never part of my life plan. But back in 2014, I put everything I had into what many said was a crazy, “un-winnable” write-in campaign for the state senate. I did it anyway because as a citizen I was sick and tired of being repeatedly lied to and disappointed — and I won.”

The Wolf campaign already began television commercials this morning to heighten his image.