Resident Blasts Council Over Alley Issues

Council refused to pay car repair bills for resident Shirley Rogers because of conditions of alleys.

A local resident came to address Kittanning Borough Council on Monday night to share her concerns about the condition of her alley.

Shirley Rogers, 77, has lived at 222 Chestnut Street for many years.

“The alley between Chestnut and Rebecca (streets) is horrendous. When it rains, the holes fill up with water and run over into my car port. I don’t think I should have to put up that! I pay taxes and everything.”

Rogers submitted a car repair bill for over $500 and said she has to have regular maintenance on her vehicle because of the condition of the alley.

“I expect to be paid for it!” she told Council sternly. The invoice showed the replacement of an oxygen sensor.

“Every month, I have to take my car in to get the brakes dried and scraped off to keep them from squealing. I don’t think a woman 77-years-old should have to put up with that and pay her taxes too. If you want me to continue to pay taxes, you are going to have to do something or I’m going to blast you fellas in the paper because I think this is awful. I’m from West Virginia and I don’t have anything else to do but complain right now.”

Some council members smiled thinking she was speaking metaphorically, but she continued her chastisement.

“You think that is funny, You just wait because I have ammunition! I’ve got other bills for my car out there. I’ve had a kidney surgery and back surgery. And they were suppose to fix my alleys. They came up. They did a little bit around the one corner and to my garage – not my car port. Another lady had to have her garage repaired because the water overflowed into her basement and collapsed the wall.

“I think it is time for you fellas to get off your butts and do something, and I mean it. It’s up to you fellas now. I told the county commissioners the same thing.”

Not one council member responded to her dilemma following her tirade.  However, in a meeting with Council members Joe Kiehlmeier, David Croyle, and Kim Fox and Street Supervisor Jim Mechling prior to the start of the public meeting, it was determined that a simple resurfacing of the alley will cost in excess of $7,500.

Croyle told her that all the alleys and storm sewers were going to be evaluated when the Borough hires a consultant to make recommendations through a program offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development; however, it wouldn’t happen “tomorrow”.