Sears Plans Friends & Family Event This Weekend

Spring has sprung into full bloom. Chris and Bobby are racing to give you an extra 10% off for this Friends and Family event on all your lawn and garden needs. That’s just the start! Sears in the Franklin Village also has 10% off almost everything else. The event will be held this Sunday and Monday, April 15-16.

One comment on “Sears Plans Friends & Family Event This Weekend
  1. Rainbow Rider says:

    A couple of years ago the KP ran a advertorial about this store remodeling and changing it’s name! It was supposed to be called “American Appliance Experts ” , but still be Sears as an aside. Then, nothing happened! I like this store and I’m glad it’s here but stop with the BS. And just buy an ad in the KP if you want advertisement! This stuff isn’t news.
    News would be something like, What’s going on with the ASD?

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