Kittanning Hires Temporary Codes Officer

Codes Chairman Joe Kiehlmeier (right) welcomes Building Inspector Jeff Richardson to Kittanning Borough. Richardson will begin work next week.

Kittanning has a new temporary Borough Codes Officer. Jeff Richardson of Richardson Inspection Services of Volant was officially hired on a part-time basis yesterday.

Kittanning Borough Council approved the hiring of Richardson at their public meeting on April 2. He will serve while Codes Officer Rick McMillen is off work due to personal reasons.

Richardson said landlords should prepare for inspections that are required by Borough ordinance.

“The landlords in preparation for the inspection need to insure that the house in in compliance with the property maintenance codes – specifically, GFI protection, smoke detectors, means of egress, and make sure there are no open splices (in electrical system), leaky plumbing, or leaky roofs. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure the house is safe, secure, and sanitary.”

Richardson said when preparing to sell your home, there are things to remember when it comes to inspection.

“As long as the house was inspected to some standard and is occupied, they do not have to change anything to some standard to change the house just because they are selling it. As long as it is safe, secure, and sanitary, we can approve it and issue the Certificate of Occupancy under the code standard it was built under, which could have been in 1950.”

Richardson said he does look for mold issues as well as issues with the foundation in homes that are preparing for sale.

“The inspection would make sure hand rails are good, the plumbing and electrical is sound and in compliance with its original construction.”

Richardson said he plans on being in the borough one day per week. If a request is made prior to that day, it would be handled within the same week. Otherwise it would be the following week.

Richardson has extensive knowledge in building codes.

“We have had this inspection business for the past 14 years. We started the company at the inception of the Code in 2009, when the State adopted the Uniform Construction Code. Prior to that, we were inspectors for FEMA and building contractors.”

Richardson served Ford City Borough for several years in the past.

“We are very willing to work with the community in a partnership rather than just enforcement. We want to work together to bring the rental units and the homes to the standards adopted by the Kittanning ordinances.”

Landlords are reminded that they are required to request an inspection before any tenant is moved into an apartment or house. Requests may be made at the Borough office and will be forwarded to Mr. Richardson, who will contact the landlord to schedule an appointment.