Car Wrecks on Kittanning Bridge

There was an accident on the Kittanning Citizens Bridge at 4PM yesterday (photo submitted by Mackenzie Lemmon)

7 comments on “Car Wrecks on Kittanning Bridge
  1. mad-2010 says:

    “Uff-dah!” What the heck would that be?
    N-E- Guy, most times he is a Dupa…

  2. jorn jensen says:

    North End Guy -That would be – Sometimes I think you’re an asshole.

  3. mary02 says:

    Into the drink? That’s where Jensen goes.

  4. mark says:

    Driver fortunate to not have launched over curb and gone through the protective handrail into the drink.

  5. opie2 says:


  6. north end guy says:

    Some times I think your a a$$hole

  7. jorn jensen says:

    That wreck is OFF the side of the bridge. How in the world did that car get there? Uff-dah!

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