Sewage Authority Doesn’t Own Fort Run Park, Solicitor Says

Frank Wolfe

Ford City Borough Municipal Sewage Disposal Authority Solicitor Frank Wolfe says the Authority does not own Fort Run Park.

Ford City Borough Council President Carol Fenyes had discussions with Manor Township supervisors about giving them the Park.

However, when it was brought up at the February 26 council meeting, there were some who questioned whether the Borough owned it or the Authority, since it ajoins Authority property.

Wolfe gave a short history before being stopped by FCBMSDA President John Thompson, who wanted no further questions asked by the Kittanning Paper.

“In order for the Borough to own it, it has to be contiguous (to other Borough property). So this goes all the way back to when John Englert was mayor. So this is ancient history here. He actually managed to get a piece of ground from Manor Township on the railroad to connect that piece of property to the Borough. And that is how it became a part of the Borough down there.”

Manor Township Police Chief Eric Petrosky is excited of the prospect of Manor owning the park.

“We want to fix it up, get the basketball hoops fixed, keep the grass cut, clean it up, and have police officers volunteer to play basketball and baseball with kids throughout the summer months. We want to try to get the kids outside and off the video games, playing and getting to know police officers. We are getting to know the kids in the community. That is our overall plan. We will try to make the best of the facility and make it as clean and safe as possible. I played minor league baseball there years ago. Girls softball uses it for practice. We used to play the Turkey Bowl basketball at Thanksgiving there. It’s a good opportunity for the Township and the Police Department to get involved with the children.”