Top County Executive Director Resigns

Armstrong County commissioners would often look to Executive Director of Administration Dan Lucovich for advice in the affairs of running the county. (KP 2017 File Photo)

The chief administrator of the County of Armstrong has resigned.

Daniel Lucovich was originally hired in 2013 to replace Mary Ann Koleny as Director of Human Resources. When the current board reorganized in 2016, he was promoted to Executive Director of  Administration – a position that basically had his hands in every facet of county business.

Newly-elected county commissioners Pat Fabian, Jason Renshaw, and George Skamai leaned on his advice to guide their decisions during the first several years of their term. His position was so powerful within the framework of county government that he described his job title as the “unelected fourth commissioner” while under oath at a federal court deposition.

Rumors of his resignation have circulated for the past two weeks. Radio station WTYM filed a Right-To-Know request last week for a copy of his resignation letter to the commissioners. On Friday, Armstrong County Right-To-Know Officer Aaron S. Poole acknowledged the existence of the letter, but turned down the request, further perpetuating the cloud of secrecy surrounding that office. In addition, although Poole said the decision could be appealed within 15 days, he failed to give a current valid mailing address for  Office of Open Records in Harrisburg.  An appeal letter possibly could have been delayed, not reaching the office within the 15-day limit.

A source within the courthouse that spoke on the condition of anonymity said the effective date of the resignation is April 6.

Shortly after Lucovich becoming Human Resource Director in 2013, he was at the center of protecting County 9-1-1- Director Ron Baustert during the sexual harassment scandal that cost the county millions of dollars to litigate and pay back wages after the firing of whistle blower Marci Creel, a 20-year veteran of the emergency operating center. Baustert was never fired although he permitted sexual actions in the workplace, the lawsuit alleged.

The suit, filed in Federal Court in Pittsburgh, alleged that employees at 911 used inappropriate sexual language openly and even researched sexually explicit topics on their county-owned computer workstations. On several occasions, coworkers even watched pornographic videos. Workplace conduct included events such as a male dispatcher who was permitted by management to put whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top of his clothed body and a female co-worker ate it off him in a sexually suggestive manner, and was later promoted to supervisor. At times, these violations were done in the presence of student interns from Lenape Tech and Clarion County Career Center.

That decision to fire Creel and protect Bausert and the former county commissioners David Battaglia, Rich Fink, and Robert Bower cost the County was orchestrated by Lucovich, which the current commissioners upheld.

Daniel Lucovich has resigned from being the Director of Administration at the Armstrong County Administration building effective April 6. (KP 2016 File Photo)

Lucovich also recommended the sale, handled negotiations, and the transfer of the Health Center to Premier.

Last summer, Armstrong County Controller Myra Miller brought accusations of non-disclosure against Lucovich when he changed the public meetings to not include a detailed list of various hires and personnel changes, but rather listed them as approval of a “Personnel Transactions”, keeping the transactions from public view.

A county employee speaking on condition of anonymity said there had even been discussions that the commissioners intend to place a referendum on the ballot to dissolve the County Controller office, orchestrated by Lucovich.

Miller’s duties on the Retirement Board was moved to Lucovich. Miller was reprimanded when she attempted to talk to employees about their retirement options.

Without her knowledge, Lucovich’s office ordered thousands of dollars of new furniture for Miller’s new office. When she refused, stating she didn’t need new furniture, the requisition was changed to place it in the Planning office rather than use the current furnishings.

“The other three take their cue from Lucovich. He will be running everything pretty soon,” the employee said.

Tensions between Lucovich and the current commissioners have been mounting over the past year, with sharp words being exchanged at times in the presence of staffers or other members of the public following meetings.

Final approval by the commissioners will be forthcoming at a public meeting. There has been no public discussion concerning his replacement or a restructuring of county administration.



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  1. mark says:

    Wow! I love it when A plAn comes together!

  2. Marc says:

    “Couldn`t care less about Butler/Allegheny county or their bizzness.”
    Tell that to your pocket pool partner, Jenny. He brought it up.

    “You kids go off and take care of the other counties with all your wisdom and ridicule.” Mark, what do you have against people younger and more intelligent than you?

  3. mad-2010 says:

    Congratulations, Conor Lamb… Semper Fi

  4. mad-2010 says:

    “OOOps, gottA go, Ron might cAtch me on the puter looking At porn…”
    “I care about MY county and (how MY taxes are being spent).” If that’s your real job you are probably getting most of your tax dollars back in food stamp supplements!

  5. mad-2010 says:

    To the honeycreeper,
    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a Fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” -Mark Twain
    Drop the Mike? How Moronic! Meanwhile, Keep-On Bloviating! Such Entertainment? LOL

  6. mark says:

    OOOps, gottA go, Ron might cAtch me on the puter looking At porn…

  7. Rainbow Rider says:

    “I`ll decide what I talk about”
    It’s true!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  8. mark says:

    Tell yA wAt Rr, we cAn chAt At DAnny Boyz “sneAkin out dA bAck door pArtAy!

  9. Rainbow Rider says:

    You better not go near KFC clucking like that! They’ll put some smoky mountain barbecue sauce on you and turn you into a $5 fill up box!!

  10. mark says:

    “I`ll decide what I talk about”
    he he … I love that line…

  11. Rainbow Rider says:

    Only people who are. Regardless of age.

  12. mark says:

    I`ll bet you tell all the young boys that RR….

  13. Rainbow Rider says:

    Clucking again Mark? I didn’t know you were a chicken but I knew you were a c**k

  14. mark says:

    Oh and RR, almost forgot you! cluck cluck

  15. mark says:

    Couldn`t care less about Butler/Allegheny county or their bizzness.
    I care about MY county and how MY taxes are being spent.
    You kids go off and take care of the other counties with all your wisdom and ridicule.
    You won`t be missed.
    We`re all alright! We`re all alright!…………………………………..drop the mike… he he he…↓↓↓↓

  16. mad-2010 says:

    @ Marc, You are absolutely correct with your Sarver area assessment. Some of these guys are too used to the depressed Armstrong County area.
    Lil Marko. Keep-On Bloviating, Western Psych will need you soon to be the Easter Bunny! LOL

  17. Marc says:

    It’s comical that people think Sarver is growing by “leaps and bounds” because it got an effin’ Burger King. Growth there is normal if not slow. It’s just not depressed like parts of Armstrong. Taxes don’t have as much to do with it as people tend to think. JV Manufacturing and a couple of other large businesses set up shop on the Allegheny County side of the Butler/Allegheny County line not far beyond where 356 cuts past Freeport.

  18. Marc says:

    I wonder if Jenny’s PTSD from the incident kicked in and he bunkered down for three days again. LOL

  19. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mary02 , good one!!

  20. mary02 says:

    Here’s to one full year of gun-free violence in West Franklin! Send cards only for well-wishes. Don’t visit.

  21. Rainbow Rider says:

    Happy anniversary Mark/jensen!!!!

  22. mark says:

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  23. Rainbow Rider says:

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  24. mark says:

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  29. Rainbow Rider says:

    For you Mark! LOL!! In honor of the one year anniversary!! LOL!!

    Jensen Charged With Making Terroristic Threats

    West Franklin Township resident Jorn Jensen is accused of making terroristic threats.

    West Franklin resident Jorn Jensen has been charged with five charges stemming from a March 13, 2017 incident at his home.

    In a criminal complaint filed by the Pennsylvania State Police, the incident occurred shortly before 10AM when North Buffalo Township Supervisor David Wolfe went to Jenson’s home on Hillberry Road to serve legal papers informing Jensen his petitions to run for school board and West Franklin Township supervisor were being challenged in court.

    According to Wolfe, he was asked by Attorney Chuck Pascal to serve the legal notice on behalf of his client, Joe Close.

    Wolfe stated that after he gave Jensen the papers, Jensen became combative, wanting Wolfe to take the papers back. When he refused, Jensen allegedly followed Wolfe to his car and placed the paperwork under the passenger side windshield wiper. Wolfe removed the paperwork, and gave them back to Jensen who let them drop to the ground. Wolfe said he was pushed several times by Jensen who demanded he leave his property. At this point, Jensen went inside the house and Wolfe began back his vehicle down the driveway. Wolfe alleges that at this point, Jensen came out of the house brandishing a gun and making threats.

    Calls to Mr. Jensen were not returned.

    Criminal charges were filed on Friday, March 17, in the office of District Magisterial Judge James Owen. According to the Criminal Docket, Jensen is being charged with making terroristic threats to terrorize another person (Misdemeanor 1), Simple Assault and Recklessly Endangering Another Person – both Misdemeanor 2, and two summary counts of Harassment.

    A date for a Preliminary Hearing has not yet been set.

  30. mark says:

    Stop in, knock, and see if what you type is true youngin. And let me know when you`re coming. Get THIS on video!
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    No, but I know he’s afraid to answer the door!!!

  32. Rainbow Rider says:

    I enjoy saying things about jensen, just so I get to hear from Mark!!
    Thanks Mark!
    Too much of a pantywaist to answer the door!!!!

  33. mark says:

    Pantywaist jensen must be out celebrating today. Nothing from him yet on here, at least not under his real name.
    Pantywaist you say? Ever meet him?

  34. Rainbow Rider says:

    Pantywaist jensen must be out celebrating today. Nothing from him yet on here, at least not under his real name. 😉

  35. Rainbow Rider says:

    ” so you don`t have to copy/paste everything others say. “

  36. Rainbow Rider says:

    Is there a pesky fly in the room?

  37. mark says:

    Rainbow, you`re welcome to come to the range and pick up casings for us.
    Oh, there is the 18 year old age limit. Forget it.

  38. mark says:

    Scarred minds. Good one! Then he has made a difference! Way to go Jorn!
    Recordkeeper, Head of DRelations Brumbaugh and her assistant got sizable raises IIRC $14k total. Staff got squat. Now I said IIRC.
    Rainbow, IIRC is an abbreviation for “if I recall correctly” so you don`t have to copy/paste everything others say.

  39. Rainbow Rider says:

    Maybe jenny will go to the shooting range and fire off a few rounds in celebration of the occasion!!!
    Hope nobody knocks on his door today!!!
    LOL !!

  40. mary02 says:

    Mark, don’t be jealous. We are no threat to your relationship. However, how could we forget? His gun toting ways have scarred the minds of Armstrong County residents for years to come.

  41. mark says:

    Greenbriar might be able to help you 3 deal with your “Jorn” addictions.
    You can`t BUY entertainment like this!

  42. mary02 says:

    They probably aren’t paid. I haven’t checked but I haven’t seen him picking up trash alongside the road yet. He might be able to work some off that way if he pleads for mercy to his probation officer.

  43. mad-2010 says:

    Rainbow, Have all the fines been paid or is he in arrears? lol

  44. Rainbow Rider says:

    Today is the one year anniversary of the gun threatening incident!
    Happy Anniversary jensen!!

  45. recordkeeper says:

    Where is the information about the raises, according to some, 33% raises given to some county employees?

  46. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mark March 12, 2018 at 9:34 PM
    ” And the tax collectors 60% pay cut will go a long way towards paying the 3% pay raises the commissioners/treasurer/controller/reg-recorder/sheriff and all the at will employees will get. ”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thought we were saving that sh!+ for later?

  47. Rainbow Rider says:

    March 12, 2018 at 9:28 PM
    “This April 6th resignation date might JUST have something to do with the county`s 5 year vesting program. Gonna KEEP getting a check, huh old Danny Boy!”
    ^^I’d say you are exactly right!^^
    “I`ll decide what I talk about”
    ^^ I’d say I am exactly right! ^^

  48. Rainbow Rider says:

    “This April 6th resignation date might JUST have something to do with the county`s 5 year vesting program. Gonna KEEP getting a check, huh old Danny Boy!”

  49. mark says:

    And the tax collectors 60% pay cut will go a long way towards paying the 3% pay raises the commissioners/treasurer/controller/reg-recorder/sheriff and all the at will employees will get. Fabian`s behind this.

  50. mark says:

    This April 6th resignation date might JUST have something to do with the county`s 5 year vesting program. Gonna KEEP getting a check, huh old Danny Boy!
    “I`ll decide what I talk about” he he he…

  51. mark says:

    This April 6th resignation date might JUST have something to do with the county`s 5 year vesting program. Gonna KEEP getting a check, huh old Danny Boy!
    And “I

  52. Rainbow Rider says:

    Oh yea, and he always liked to eat “Candy” too 😉

  53. Rainbow Rider says:

    Pat, he worked for quite a few years at the mushroom mine as I’ve been told. He sucked his way into some high positions I hear. Positions that he didn’t perform well at.
    In other words, history has been repeated 😉

  54. Patzu says:

    What was Lucovich’s previous employment?

    Was he e er an employee of a private company based out of Armstrong County?

  55. Rainbow Rider says:

    “Well, THIS topic is about old Danny Boy bowing out the back door.
    We`ll save the tax collector cuts/litigation for later.”
    I’ll decide what I talk about.

  56. mark says:

    And the statement about the current commissioners and Danny having “tensions” leaves me apprehensively optimistic.
    Is this a sign?

  57. mark says:

    Well, THIS topic is about old Danny Boy bowing out the back door.
    We`ll save the tax collector cuts/litigation for later.

  58. Rainbow Rider says:

    Tax collectors salaries should be cut. The litigation part is what I wasn’t aware of.
    Just asking.

  59. mark says:

    Expand on what? Tax collectors salaries cut by the county and collectors fighting for their salaries back. Keep up.

  60. Rainbow Rider says:

    What litigation over the tax collectors Mark?
    Please expand on this.

  61. mark says:

    Oh and let`s not forget Danny Boy`s part in the ongoing litigations with the tax collectors. How much county money is THAT costing us? The water is circling in the toilet!

  62. mark says:

    Baustert`s right hand was Randy Brozenick

  63. jorn jensen says:

    Resident, in your post regarding cliques, friends, buddies and relatives, might you also be including the school board? LOL

  64. jorn jensen says:

    Resident, the reason that ‘point’, down there, is growing by leaps and bounds is that is the south-eastern most point of Butler County. So what? Taxes. That’s what. Taxes are just over 1/2 of what they are in Armstrong County and the developers know this. There was a time when going to Butler, and beyond, that one could take 356 to Bonniebrook Road and on west – now, the traffic light congestion in this south-eastern tip has made that near-impossible.

  65. jorn jensen says:

    KP – well-written article with facts. Thanks you. No mention of Baustert’s sidekick who was also named in the suit. To make the article even longer, the Long case and costs could also have been included, and then there was the Pornogate crisis with the commissioner group before the Battaglia group. Resident is correct – we need real leaders to step up and the voters to be clued-in to reality instead of voting in popularity contests.

  66. mark says:

    Oh what a legacy he will sneak out the back door with. Don`t let it hit you in the a$$ Danny boy.
    One down.

  67. jorn jensen says:

    I heard he was going back to run the mushroom farm – and taking George Skamaii with him – LOL. Anyhow, Resident is awesome in perception of the reality of local government, including townships, etc. I invite y’all to attend our local government reality show in West Franklin Township – 6 PM, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the township office – easy to find behind the Big Top along Butler Road, east of Worthington.

  68. Resident says:

    Goodbye, Sir. One down and dozens more to go. You know they’ll just hire or promote another insider. Cliques are almost impossible to break up.
    That includes town councils, municipal authorities, volunteer fire departments, whatever. It’s always the same little groups of people at the top with their friends, buddies and relatives. Nothing changes.
    They don’t like people who makes waves, challenge the status quo or threaten their positions of authority. They tend to take it personal when it’s not.
    When the best and brightest of your youth move away generation after generation because there is nothing here for them, eventually you end up with mediocre leadership.
    When you have mediocre leadership of a professional baseball or football team you aren’t going to field a winner until you fire everyone and bring in a totally new crew. New ideas. New ways of doing things.
    PS. I went through Buffalo twp this weekend, just off the Freeport/Butler exit. It’s neat the way that area is growing and developing, although they are doing their best to screw it up with micro-management – the last thing in the world they want to be is another Cranberry, after all.
    So why is that area, and Butler county in general, developing and in neighboring Armstrong County you have nothing?

  69. rudyx2018 says:

    All of them are snakes, so much drama in that courthouse, now if they can hire someone who is actually fair to the county and take care of their employees.

  70. recordkeeper says:

    We were wondering when this would be reported on. This has been a long time coming.

  71. mary02 says:

    Just imagine the things we don’t know. When are people going to be truly held responsible for their actions?

  72. Rainbow Rider says:

    Finally some real news in the KP! It’s been a while!

  73. Rainbow Rider says:

    He should never have been hired. He’s a snake and always has been. I’m glad he’s leaving County employment. Now he can sit around and est some “Candy” 😉

  74. mad-2010 says:

    Most Good Old Boys in certain positions do play dirty, even in Kittanning!

  75. Watchingfromadistance says:

    In this article, it says that Lucovich “was protecting Baustert during the sexual harassment case.” That’s probably because Baustert probably had “something” on Lucovich. That’s exactly how Baustert works. don’t believe me? Dig a little deeper into how he muscled Maryanne Koleny (and her husband) to get in his current position.

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