Goodbye McDonalds PlayLand

PlayLand will no longer be a part of the McDonalds landscape. Growing liability concerns combined with a high-tech customer experience will give this restaurant its first major renovation since it began in early 1980s.

The PlayLand in The Franklin Village McDonalds has been torn down and put in a dumpster. The store is being totally renovated to be a state-of-the-art restaurant. The drive-through continues to be open until March 23, when the restaurant will close for approximately 5 days.

The dining room at McDonalds has been gutted. It will remain closed during the renovation, although the drive-through lanes are still open until March 23. The restaurant intends to fully open approximately March 29, depending on the progress.

30 comments on “Goodbye McDonalds PlayLand
  1. steve says:

    I actually did laugh out loud at the Mcchicken comment.

  2. Rainbow Rider says:

    Marc , McChicken! LOL!!!

  3. Marc says:

    Rainbow- Go knock on Jenny’s door and he’ll turn into a McChicken for a couple of days.

  4. Rainbow Rider says:

    It appears that McDonald’s, ( or Mcdougal’s as Mcjensen calls it, ) is already completely closed. Perhaps work crew is ahead of schedule and did not need to wait until the 23rd as the article states.

  5. Rainbow Rider says:

    Sure hope jensen gets some cheese in his Easter basket!

  6. blutoblutarsky says:

    Mark, nobody wants a piece of plastic from the dumpster that you sat on.

  7. mark says:


  8. Rainbow Rider says:

    How’s the view from ‘ off the deep end’ , nutcase???

  9. mark says:

    DAve Croyle will hand you the trophy And dried #2 plAylAnd piece. Keep up. Drop the mike!

  10. Rainbow Rider says:

    Nutcase Mark , are you so stupid as to think that I am Dave Wolfe? If you had any memory you’d know that I have been CRITICAL of Dave at least a few times on this very blog!!!! Now, if I was him, I wouldn’t have done that. Get it?
    Try to wrap your crazy mind around that.

  11. mark says:

    I dug out A piece of plAylAnd from the dumpster And gAve to DAve to be included with the little plAstic trophy to be AwArded to the “Winner” of the KP forum.
    No thAnks required RAinbow. You eArned it! I Left the dried #2 on it for you Also.

  12. Rainbow Rider says:

    “what else don’t we have in Armstrong County? Giant Eagle. GetGo. Cracker Barrel. Red Lobster. Applebee’s. Longhorn. The other steak house – whatever the name is.”
    Perhaps these companies take the crime rate into account before moving into a new locale? A crime rate that you, by the way, have contributed to!

  13. Rainbow Rider says:

    Marc , LOL!!

  14. Marc says:

    You know times are tough when Jenny takes to social media because he can’t afford a slice of cheese on his drive-thru order.

  15. Rainbow Rider says:

    Once McDonald’s reopens Mark will be wanting to meet people at the newest local Egg McMuffin hole!!

  16. Rat_Smeller says:

    North End Guy – My percentages may be off a point or two, but they are very close.

  17. jorn jensen says:

    Patzu, what else don’t we have in Armstrong County? Giant Eagle. GetGo. Cracker Barrel. Red Lobster. Applebee’s. Longhorn. The other steak house – whatever the name is. But, we do have the one and only McDougals in all of Armstrong County – treasure it! We now have a Sears and Butler and Pittsburgh Mills do not.

  18. Patzu says:

    Burger Kings surround Armstrong County but we cannot get one IN the Kittanning area. Truly the armpit between all other surrounding counties.

  19. Rainbow Rider says:

    Arby’s has really good fish sandwiches during Lent, 2 for $5. I don’t think they ‘nail’ you for the cheese either 😉

  20. Rainbow Rider says:

    ” finely Rainbow rider, ”
    Why yes , I am fine , thank you!

    ” Long Johns is not a five Starr restaurant,but the place is clean ”
    And shabby.

  21. north end guy says:

    Mark,You must have no grandchildren,Rat-smeller I think your percentages are off.Go up there on a Sat.and school off days. and finely Rainbow rider,Long Johns is not a five Starr restaurant,but the place is clean and the food is five star to me for the price.

  22. Rainbow Rider says:

    You did it though, not me.
    Do you suppose you’re the first person who’s tried to buy the playground at a drive through window?

  23. jorn jensen says:

    Ha, ha, ha Rainbow – you even troll me on Facebook? You can’t see any humor in the 40 cent slice of cheese? What a lonesome idiot you must be.

  24. Rat_Smeller says:

    Has little to nothing to do with the BK in the heights or the one going proposed in Buffalo Township. McDonalds has been remodeling existing sites with long terms left on their leases to the new design. If the lease was about up on this location it would have been a “scrape and rebuild”. As an aside I was always puzzled why McDonald’s and other fast food chains put so much expense into their dining rooms when approx. 75%-80% of the gross receipts of the store come in through the drive-thru window.

  25. mark says:

    The place could burn down for all I care. Yuk!

  26. Rainbow Rider says:

    Just don’t order the cheese on those whoppers! They’ll nail you for extra $ for it! Then you can cry all over Facebook over a couple of bucks!

  27. jorn jensen says:

    Agree, Resident. Burger King’s 2 Whopper deal for $6 is an excellent deal – going down 28, get the coffee at McDougal’s and the burgers at Burger King.

  28. jorn jensen says:

    I tried to buy the McDougal’s Playland equipment when I drove through and talked on their squakbox. The girl said it wasn’t for sale. “How about a large coffee, then?” “Okay.”

  29. Resident says:

    I wonder if the brand new Burger King in Buffalo Twp (Freeport/Butler exit) has any thing to do with this.

  30. Rainbow Rider says:

    Wow ! Now if only that shabby Long John’s/A&W would do some improvements!

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