Let’s Play “Name That Alley!”

Manor Township Supervisors Want Input of Residents!

The Manor Township Supervisors are looking for input from area residents on the names of four different alleys.

There are four alleys in Manor Township that supervisors need to name.

Supervisor Bob Southworth said that, although the supervisors have the power to go ahead and name them, they prefer to have local residents decide on the name. He said naming them opens the door for more grant money.

“With Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) money, when they redo some of these streets, we can add these alleys in. The alleys currently have no names, and they have to have names to be included in the CDBG application. And it would also help with the 911 system.”

The alleys are already existing and Manor Township maintains them. They just were never given a name.

The four alleys are located near McGrann and Manorville areas. The first one is located directly behind the Manor Township Fire Hall that runs parallel with the Allegheny River. It’s on the Manor Township side of the tracks, not in Manorville.

The second alley intersects with the first alley and extends to Byron Street, half way between Apple and Roswell (left side of the Manor Township Fire Hall).

The third alley runs from Byron Street and is parallel with Grant Street, between Grant and Apple and intersects with the fourth unnamed alley.

The fourth alley is located between the former Carlesi’s Manor Inn to the Riverside Auto car lot.

Persons interested in submitting a name can write their suggestion on a form on the bulletin board of the Manor Township Municipal Building. The alleys are identified on the form by numbers.

This hand-drawn map show the location of four alleys. Residents may come to the township Municipal Building and make their suggestion for the name of one or more of the alleys.