Directors Change at Ford City Library

Anita Bowser (left) has resigned as Director of the Ford City Library. The new interim director will be Elizabeth Switzer.

FORD CITY – There has been another change in leadership at the Ford City Public Library.

Anita Bowser announced to Council at a public meeting last Monday that it was her final report as director.

The new interim director, Elizabeth Switzer, accompanied Bowser to the meeting and was introduced to council members.

Switzer was a former librarian at Ford City from 1997 until 2001. Switzer said she quit working for a period of time so she could stay home and home-school her children. Approximately a year ago, she became the director at the Worthington Library.

Switzer said her position as interim director was a choice she made.

“Basically that is what I want for now. I need to see how the job fits my expectations and my needs, and we will go from there.”

Bowser started last Monday at the Armstrong County Office of Planning and Development as a Community Development Coordinator. She will be helping municipalities write and manage grants.

“I started at the Library in 2006. I was there until 2016. I took a year and worked at the Leader Times and then I came back to the Library and I have been here for a year.”

Bowser described her departure as bitter-sweet.

“I’m glad to be moving on but I will miss the Library. I have a had a lot of really great relationships there. I feel like I have been part of a team that has done a lot at the Library. But I also think I am leaving it in very good hands. Liz was actually the director that brought the first automated system to the Library. She knows how to manage those things and they have a really good Board (of Directors). So I feel confident it is going in a great direction.”

Switzer will have her hands full with the installation of a new security system. Cameras and motion detectors were installed following vandalism and attempted break-in this winter to their building on Fourth Avenue.

TheĀ  Library has also received a grant to replace existing front doors and install a new rear door into the parking lot, making the Library ADA accessible.

For more information on the Library functions, call 724-763-3591.