Judge McClister Speaks to Association of Boroughs

Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas Judge Chase McClister spoke to council members assembled for the Association of Boroughs dinner several weeks ago.

The Honorable Judge Chase McClister addressed council members from the area gathered for the Armstrong County Associations of Boroughs dinner in January.

In his remarks, he contrasted the judicial system in this county with other counties who may have a judge that only hears a specific type of case, such as family law, or criminal law.

Judge McClister

“Here in Armstrong County, we have just two judges. So Judge Panchik and myself will hear every type of case that arises in the Court of Common Pleas in Armstrong County.”

McClister said he could identify with the efforts made by council members on behalf of their local boroughs.

“As a former municipal solicitor in my former life as a practicing attorney, I had the good fortune of representing a number of boroughs here over the years and meeting a lot of borough council members and getting to know how community-minded they were, and getting to see how hard they worked – not just in the council meetings, but outside and really spending time on a daily basis. So I bring that experience with me to the bench as a judge.”

McClister said that during the month of January, he already has heard several cases involving local boroughs.

“It is something that is going to continue to be a part of my life as I go forward and grow as a judge.”

McClister was elected Judge of the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas last November. It is the highest judicial office held in Armstrong County.