Fly Fishing Classes Start March 6

Before fishing begins this Spring, a Manor Township angler hopes to spread his knowledge for a new generation.

Chad Hough – a fly fisherman since 1991 who has visited states like Wyoming, Tennessee and Wisconsin – will start teaching a six-week fly fishing fundamentals class Tuesday at the Belmont Complex in West Kittanning.

“Fly fishing is a pretty-involved sport – there’s a lot of things to learn to be successful, so I try and break it down over six weeks so people can understand the different kinds of techniques, gear, how to read water, different species of fish you can catch on flys, etc,” Hough said.

Hough has also taught fundamentals at Lenape Tech and the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center. He also presented in the past at the Sporting Expo in Worthington.

“It’s a passion of mine. I give enough information in my talks for people to think outside the box and try – I don’t tell them ‘Go to this creek and do this’ – it’s about theory, and the concept to finding fish,” Hough said. “A lot of these streams are pretty-sensitive – they couldn’t handle a lot of fishing pressure.

“If people put the work and the time in, they’ll find them. I like the challenge of finding (fish).”

Classes begin at 7PM March 6. The last few classes will be held at an outdoor stream for practice.

Hough has fly rods participants can utilize for the class and students will also receive a text book. For more info and cost details interested parties can contact Mr. Hough directly at 724-525-3033 or email him at