Ford City Plans Sewer and Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement last year on Third Avenue fixed water supply lines from the pump to the new water plant. This year, Ford City hopes to focus on three areas for improvement to water distribution lines and storm sewer lines. (2017 KP File Photo)

Ford City Borough officials know that they have some issues with water and storm sewer lines, so they are looking for money to pay for repairs.

Council Vice-President Tyson Klukan said the Borough will be seeking a Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Grant through the Commonwealth Finance Authority (CFA) to help finance the project.

“(Borough Engineers) Gibson-Thomas Engineering had met previously with the Public Works officials in 2016 to look at our water line infrastructure and where we have historically had a lot of breaks. Based off of that data, Gibson-Thomas created maps of our troubled areas. We reviewed that with our Public Works Committee two weeks ago, and we came up with a list of target areas to replace 8-inch water distribution lines with new ones to the houses, and then repaving of the street.”

Klukan said three areas of the Borough are being targeted for repairs.

“They would be from Neale Avenue to the water plant to Pleasantview Drive. The second area would be 7th Avenue Extension from 8th Street to the dead end. The last area would be 6th Avenue from 7th Street to 6th Street.”

The engineers have made preliminary designs of storm sewer catch basins and storm sewer lines. The three problem areas with the water lines are also areas of maintenance for the sewer lines.

“It makes sense that if you are going to be digging up areas for your storm water lines, you may as well replace your water lines and do it all with one clean shot.”

Klukan said the total amount for the grant is $488,000. The Borough would have to provide a matching amount is $73,400 – or 15% of the $488,000. Gibson-Thomas Engineering is submitting the grant on behalf of the Borough. Klukan said the Borough will use public utility funds for the grant match.

He hopes grant approval will be later this year.

“The CFA will be meeting later this spring to make a determination. CFA could give Ford City all or just a portion of the requested amount. It’s unknown if they will or not. It is a wait-and-see once we get the application in. But we do realize that we are going to have to do some water line replacement. Also this year or early next year, depending on how fast the engineers move, we will have to do storm water line maintenance as well within the Borough’s infrastructure.”

Klukan said he doesn’t anticipate receiving approval of the grant until later this year.

“It could come sooner, but it is looking like Fall. When we get grant approval, within that letter, they usually give you a track date (to schedule to do the work), so we would have to review the contract dates.”

Klukan did not know how long it would take to complete the work.