The Tale of Two Labrador Dogs

How often is it that two lab dogs are found five miles apart in 24 hours? Rarely is the answer. But it happened near the village of Adrian.

Our first story is told by Amanda Cavoto is from the Reesedale area of Washington Township.

Amanda Cavoto found this dog near the old power plant in Reesedale, Washington Township. 

“I was driving home on Monday night around 7:45. I noticed something and its eyes were glowing. The dog was black and it was dark. I slowed down and it was laying along the side of the road. I thought maybe it was hurt, so I turned around and drove back up toward it. Then it was standing on the side of the road. I stopped and got out of my car, and it growled at me. So I got back in my car. I had something in my lunchbox from work, and I kinda coaxed it to see if it was hurt. I didn’t recognize it as being a dog from our area. I eventually gained its friendship and put her in the car and took her home.

“That night I put a post on Facebook that I found this dog in the Reesedale area down near the power plant. We put her in my husband’s garage for the night. I also have a dog and two young kids and I didn’t know how well it would go. We went up later that night to make sure she was okay. I checked her over and didn’t see anything particularly wrong with her.

“Tuesday I took her to Dr. Lash’s office and had her scanned for a microchip, which she did not have. I got a hold of Orphans of the Storm and they are currently full. They can’t take her until Friday. So she is hanging out in my husband’s shop.”

Amanda said that she is leary of men and will growl when a man comes near her, including her 4-year-old son. She surmises that the dog was abused by a man.

“She is not skinny. She appears to have trimmed toe nails. She appears to have had a collar on at one point. She does have a chipped tooth. She seems to have been well taken care of.”

Amanda guestimated the dog to be approximately one year old.

“She is pretty docile and lays around and is no rambunctious so that’s why I think she is not a puppy.”

Amanda said there have been many people that have expressed an interest in having her. If that happens, the foster parents would have to be willing to give up the dog if the owner surfaces.

If someone knows the owner of the dog, they can contact Dr. Lash’s office or Orphans of the Storm.

The owner of this dog was reportedly found after being rescued in East Franklin Township. 

The second dog was found on Tuesday on the Furnace Run Road between Adrian and Furnace Run in East Franklin Township. It was another lab, perhaps slightly younger than the other one. The owner eventually was found and the story ended favorably. But Robin Crytzer of Worthington said the real story was in the number of people who attempted its rescue.

“I rounded a turn and saw Chris Scholl out of her car attempting to get this dog that was laying in the middle of the road. There were three trucks that were stopped, and one gentleman was out of the truck trying to assist her to get the dog. Each time someone would attempt to come close to the dog, it would get up, run up the road a little bit, then lay back down in the middle of the road. So I began to assist her in trying to get the dog so it wouldn’t get hit. There were several of us at this point trying to get the dog. The amount of people that stopped to help this dog… I counted at least ten cars. Then the dog left the road and went into a field. Now four more cars pulled off watching the dog. Another dog came from the house nearby along with its owner. While the lab would not let anyone else touch him, he made contact with the other dog in the field. The gentleman who owned the other dog got down and was talking gentle to both dogs. He reached over and the dog let him touch him. He was the only person who the lab would let touch him because the other dog must have said it was okay.”

The good Samaritan took both dogs to his house, and the owner was found the next day. But the real story behind these two events are the kind compassion shown by so many people to provide unsolicited assistance. Thank you to each one.