Slate Lick Man Honored After Flipping a Million Pancakes!

Fred Burdett, 89, was honored for flipping his one-millionth pancake at last night’s dinner at the Ford Memorial United Methodist Church. He has been flipping pancakes every dinner since 1965.

Ford Memorial United Methodist Church in Ford City held its Pancake and Sausage Dinner yesterday and honored one man who has been at the church his entire life.

“I was on the cradle roll here,” Fred Burdett of Slate Lick told the Kittanning Paper. Now 89 years young, he has been helping with the bi-annual pancake dinner since 1965.

“They gave me this gold medal for flipping my millionth cake! We just made it up! They had a big ceremony here this morning,” he said.

Organizer Tom Bernot said the proceeds of the pancake dinner yesterday will go to offset the $28,000 price tag of the new steam boiler that the church installed last week after the old boiler had its final breakdown in mid January.

“Our Methodist Men’s Group normally puts this dinner on. Generally we use the funds to fund our Methodist Men’s budget. We send children to church camp; we help out the Ramps For Hope which is installing handicap ramps in the community; and missionary projects that we help out. But this year because our boiler broke, we thought it would be a good idea to use the proceeds to help pay for our boiler.”

While the final amount was not available yet, Bernot said the group generally clears approximately $1,400 for each dinner. The dinners are held in February and November.

“We make our own pancake syrup. We have a recipe and we boil it on the stove. We use white sugar and brown sugar and water. Once it comes to a boil, you add the maple flavoring to it. It’s all homemade.”

“All of our sausage we get from Thoma Meats in Saxonburg. It’s got a really good taste to it and a lot of people really like it. We have been buying there for the last seven years. They make Saxonburg Baloney. People like them so you stick with what people like. When you get people saying, ‘Man that sausage was good,’ then that is what we want to give them – a good product.”

Bernot said it takes about 25 people to volunteer at the dinner. While some come for the entire day, others fulfill a specific shift according to work schedules.

Burdett said he comes for the entire day. When asked if he ever burnt any pancakes, he laughed and said, “Only if I get talking to someone and forget to flip them.”

Platters of pancakes and sausages were coming off the assembly line and to the many hundreds of people that came out to eat last night at Ford Memorial UMC in Ford City.