Animal Shelter Features Feline for Adoption

Ling is a great cat! She can be shy at first and doesn’t like you approaching her quickly, but if you stop and say her name she will start purring right away.

Ling likes to be loved and petted. She likes being picked up and told what a good girl she is, but is quick to get her feet on the floor.

Ling was adopted but came back through no fault of her own. Her adopted person tried to move her between two houses on an almost daily basis. Ling didn’t like that and was very fearful for a while after being returned to Orphans of the Storm.

Ling is in the foster home where her and her sisters lived, and has been doing very well with a lot of love and attention.

If you are interested in Ling, please call the Orphans of the Storm in Kittanning at (724) 548-4520. Directions and hours on the website at