New Detective Hired in Manor

Manor Township Police Chief Eric Petrosky welcomes his department’s newest officer: Detective Shane Lash. He is expected to begin work by end of February.

Manor Township supervisors last week approved the job description and hiring of a retiring State Police officer to serve as Detective on the force.

Shane Lash will assume his position at the end of February, according to Manor Township Police Chief Eric Petrosky.

Lash is a 1989 graduate of Ford City High School and Lenape Tech in Heating and Air Condition. In 1993, he attended the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, completing the required basic training.

In 1993, he began as a state trooper in Belle Vernon before moving to the Kittanning barracks in 1997. His duties included Crime Investigations and Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal.

He was promoted in 2010 to the rank of corporal, working for the next several years in Harrisburg and Beaver County as a criminal investigator. He finished his State Police career in New Castle and Butler as a patrol unit supervisor.

During his 25 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, Lash received numerous trainings.

In 2004, he was trained on investigating domestic violence incidents.

In 2007, he received training on conducting background investigations and completed instruction of arson investigations including training on firefighter involved fires.

He continued his education in basic Homicide investigation in 2008 and certification in wiretapping and electronic surveillance.

Petrosky, a former State Police officer himself, was pleased to add another officer with Lash’s extensive background in investigations to Manor Township’s force.

“He’s going to work out of plain clothes, do follow-up investigations, pretty much the same as our other police officers’ job description. But some of his investigations he won’t be able to share with other members of the department,” Petrosky said.

With the addition of Lash as a detective, this further positions Manor Township’s police force as a regional department. Manor is contracted to patrol and conduct investigation in Burrell and Bethel townships as well as at the Crooked Creek Lake Park.

Petrosky said Lash will work on a part-time basis, several days per week.

In January, the department logged 665 hours that included 480 duty hours and 80 school resource hours at Armstrong High School, 25 hours were taken up with officers in court, and 80 hours of administration.

Most incidents happened during the 4PM-Midnight shift – a total of 51 in January. A total of 44 occurred on the 8AM-4PM shift, and 8 incidents on the Midnight-8AM shift.