Funding Sought for Paving of Boyd Street in Manor Township

Manor Township Supervisor Tag Hecker discusses grant funding with Community Development Coordinator Kathy Heilman last night.

Manor Township residents and supervisors heard of updates to Community Development Block Grant funding last night.

Armstrong County Community Development Coordinator Kathy Heilman needed approval to move $9,200 left over from the 2013 Boyd Street Water line project to pave Boyd Street.

“They installed the water line and there was an extension to a few houses. Now that project is done and they have moved remaining funds to street reconstruction from Hill Street (old Route 66) to the full length of Boyd Road.”

Heilman said there was $23,800 allocated in 2014 that will also be used for the paving project.

An engineering company will be selected to design the project.

Manor Township has received over $3 million in CDBG funding since 1994.