ACMH Honors Employees at Annual Dinner

ACMH Hospital honored over 130 employees last night at their annual Service Awards Dinner.

According to ACMH Vice-President of Human Resources Anne Remaley, the hospital maintains a staff of over 1,100 workers.

“We are here to thank all of our employees, physicians, Board of Directors, and executive team for all their hard work and dedication that they show each and every day to care for our patients,” Ramaley said.

This is the 55th year the hospital has honored its employees.

“We recognize employees beginning with ten years of service,” Ramaley explained. “Then every five years after that, we recognize them. When they reach 25 years, they go into the ‘quarter-century club’ and they are invited every year after that.”

Eight staffers were honored that had 40 years of service with ACMH. They included: Mary Anderson, Paula Brady, Sondra Hockenberry, Kimberly Hufhand, Linda Kerr, Barbara Panchik, Ann Stanley, and Linda Wylie.

Last night’s festivities were held at the St. Mary Parish Hall in Kittanning. The  dinner consisted of various salads, pasta, and entrees that included Broasted Chicken Legs with Buffalo, Ranch & Honey Mustard as well as Kielbasa & Sauerkraut.

A motivational keynote address was given by NFL veteran and Pittsburgh Steeler All-Pro offensive lineman, Tunch Ilkin. He allowed just 2.5 sacks in a three-season span from 1986 to 1988.

“The beauty of playing for the Steelers in the 80s was playing with all of these Hall of Famers like Mike Webster, Joe Greene and L.C. Greenwood,” Ilkin told the Kittanning Paper in a video interview at

“The one thing that made the Steelers so special is that they had the idea of mentorship. I used to practice against Joe Green and he would kick my tail every day! About half way through the season, he came up to me after practice and told me to pull my hands back and not leave them out there for him to grab. A week later, he told me I was doing better. I couldn’t wait to get home and call my Dad and tell him that Joe Green said I was getting better!

“Mike Webster showed me not only how to play the game, but how to be a husband and be a dad. I used to follow them around like a bunch of chicks to a mother hen. We not only learned to be good offensive linemen, but we also learned how to be a good family-man. I think that is what was most important to me about being with the Steelers.”

Ilkin now works as a broadcaster for ESPN Sports Radio Pittsburgh,  and the Steelers network of television and radio affiliates. He is the Senior Vice President of the Athletic Training Network, which offers inline and interactive athletic, health, and fitness programming to coaches and athletes in schools and at home.

A full interview will be featured this morning on “David & Friends” at 9AM on WTYM AM 1380 radio.

Former NFL offensive lineman Tunch Ilkin gave a motivational keynote address at last night’s 55th Annual ACMH Service Awards Dinner at the St. Mary Parish Hall in Kittanning.