Ford City Still Awaits Decision on Council Seat

Mary Alice Bryant still has not been declared the winner of the Council seat in Ford City Borough.

FORD CITY – Ford City is still without a sixth council person as the County waits to declare a winner.

Two candidates attempted to gain the seat on write-in votes. Joseph Peters and Mary Alice Bryant were approximately four votes apart, depending on how you parse the mis-spelling of names.

After Peters filed to have the court review the signatures, Bryant also filed a petition with the court. Peters withdrew his request with the court and conceded, but Bryant still has a court date scheduled.

Elections Director Jennifer Bellas said her hands are tied at the moment.

“I can’t do anything officially until she either has her hearing which is scheduled January 24 (or withdraws it). Even though (Peters) withdrew his petition and conceded, hers is still cancelled I cannot officially issue a Certificate of Election and issue a winner until she either withdraws her petition or the court rules.”

If Peters had not filed with the courts to have a judge review the write-in votes, Bellas said Bryant would have won the seat.

“She was the winner I had declared anyways based on the write-in, but I can’t do anything until she withdraws her petition.”

Bellas said she has spoken with Bryant, and that Bryant was to forward the information on to her attorney to withdraw her petition from the court.

“She may have filed something, but I have not received a copy or have been served with anything yet.”

Bellas said as of yesterday morning, she had not been notified that Bryant’s court date was stopped.

As of this morning, Ford City still does not have a declared winner for Council, even though the election was held last November.