Cousins Released from Jail with Medical Issues


KP File Photo taken on October 11, 2017 during the arrest of Frank Cousins by Kittanning Borough Police.

A man accused of eluding police by climbing through a sewer pipe in Rayburn Township and then hiding in the basement of a Kittanning home has been released from prison.

Police were pursuing Frank Austin Cousins III on a parole violation on October 11, 2017 as he led a chase that included crawling into a sewer pipe on Oak Avenue and coming out at the other end by the Rayburn Township Fire Hall. According to Armstrong County Detective Frank Pitzer, Cousins then came back down over the hill, stole clothes from a porch of a home on Oak Avenue. He then went several houses away and hid in the basement of an unlocked house.

Pitzer said he watched as Cousins then ingested numerous drugs including what he perceived to be cocaine and other pills in order to destroy evidence upon his arrest.

Cousins was placed in the Armstrong County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 monetary bond.

According to his attorney, Stephanie McFaddon,  Cousins is ill and needs medical attention.

“I filed his motion to reduce bail at (Court of) Common Pleas, but then he filed one of his own. The one he filed that’s on record at the courthouse says he has bacterial meningitis. The Jail assured me it’s fungal. Otherwise the Jail would’ve been on lock down. So as far as I know, he’s at Mercy Hospital getting treatment. I’m not sure how bad it is or if he waited too long to treat it. It can be fatal if not treated in time.”

According to court documents, Cousins was released from the Armstrong County Jail on January 5. According to Cousins’ Face Book page on January 8 at 5:47 PM, he acknowledged being released from jail and wrote the words “Party time”.

McFaddon emphasized the need for treatment.

“If he doesn’t get it treated he will die. He got the spinal tap while he was in jail to diagnose it and he refused treatment. But it is not something that will go away.”

McFaddon summarized that the County could have been concerned about liability issues since he was refusing treatment, thus leading to his release from the county correctional facility.

The trial has not been set yet. He has been charged with multiple counts including a felony count of Criminal Trespass and misdemeanor offenses of Theft by Unlawful Taking and Receiving Stolen Property.

The video below is from October 11, 2017.