River Settles After Flooding Last Friday

The National Weather Service said ice flowed from Parker and surrounds the East Brady Bridge in a sea of ice on Friday. Many camp sites along the river were affected.

Steady rain last Thursday into Friday caused flooding throughout Armstrong County.

The Allegheny River in Kittanning crested at 21 feet near midnight Friday night into Saturday morning, which is considered minor flood stage. Major flooding to downtown Kittanning would occur at 23 feet.

Crooked Creek pool stayed confined as water rose to 864 feet. Flood stage for that pool is 917 feet.

Parker experienced minor flooding as water levels rose nearly a foot above flood stage of 20 feet on Friday morning.

Meteorologist Pat Herald at the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh said last night that water levels in all areas were decreasing as the rain stopped and sunshine returned for most of the weekend.

“We are calling it a ‘winter reset’,” he explained. “The ice began to melt with warming temperatures. Then we had all that rain. The ice began to move. It gets flushed out. Then cold weather sets back in. Then more snow. By 5PM, you should see some light snow and we expect 1-2 inches. We should see temperatures into the 20’s Monday, then single digits by Monday night.”

Herald said the majority of ice jams occurred in the East Brady area of the Allegheny River.

“Upstream in East Brady, they had pretty significant flooding because of the ice jamming. If you see a map, you can see the curves in the river. The rivers, the bridges, there’s no one variable, but it causes the ice to jam. It’s a difficult situation that happens in the wintertime up there.”

PennDOT reported many road closures last Friday due to flooding. They included: Route 3011, Worthington Slatelick Road/SR 3004/Bear Road between Yellow Dog Road and Green Acres Road in West Franklin Township; Route 4035, Craigsville Road/Yellow Dog Road between Airport Road/Yellow Dog Road and Old Butler Road in West Franklin Township; Route 3013, Nicola Road/Mushroom Farm Road between Hindman Hill Road and the Butler County line in West Franklin Township; Route 1028, Oscar Road/Anderson Creek Road between Route 1035 in Boggs Township and Route 1037 in Wayne Township; Route 1004 between Route 1002 and Scenic Road/Poseytown Road in Madison Township; and Route 3007, Glade Run Road, between Route 128 in Cadogan Township and Pony Farm Road in North Buffalo Township. Unless posted, all of these roads have reopened.

Homes and camps along the Allegheny River were hit hard by the movement of ice and water last Friday.