Casinos Not Viable in Armstrong County, Lawyer Says


The debate still rages on whether or not Armstrong County has been excluded from having a mini-casino.

Other medias have reported that State Representative Jeff Pyle said the clause that restricts mini-casinos in a Class 6 county (such as Armstrong County) in the gambling legislation passed last fall does not mean Armstrong County.

Pyle serves as chairman of the Commonwealth’s Gaming Oversight Board. Pyle said he is seeking a definitive answer from the Gaming Control Board that begins awarding licenses today.

Local attorney Chuck Pascal still isn’t convinced. The legislation says that any Class 6 county that is “contiguous” to a Class 2 county (such as Allegheny) is not eligible for a licensee to place a mini-casino in that Class 6 county. Pascal said there is no doubt that precedence has been set for Armstrong County being contiguous with Allegheny County.

Pascal pointed to an article that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on June 11, 2003, stating that Armstrong County became part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan statistical area. In the article, then-commissioner Jim Scahill praised the move, which he felt would have monetary and tourism benefits. Scahill is quoted in the article as saying, “How can we touch Allegheny County and not be a part of the central region?”

Pascal said that inclusion in the ten-county Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission was based on the fact that Armstrong County was contiguous to Allegheny County.

“I’m not sure why Pile is saying we are not contiguous when much as been done to prove we are over the years,” Pascal said.

He stated that the Gaming Control Board does not have the ability to overrule legislation that has been passed.

“The Gaming Control Board has the ability to set regulations which interprets legislation, however, when it says something clearly, they can’t change it. To me contiguous is clear. It means a common border. If the borders touch, it is contiguous.”

All eyes are on Harrisburg today for the outcome of the future availability for gaming in Armstrong County.

16 comments on “Casinos Not Viable in Armstrong County, Lawyer Says
  1. mad-2010 says:

    Lawyer’s fees, Ouch, Embarrassment, Ouch Plea Deal, Ouch. With that many Ouches your middle name should be Cure-Aid Bandage! Right back at you there Slick!

  2. mad-2010 says:

    Resident, “almost 50% of the children in Armstrong School District live below the Federal Poverty Level. 50%!!! This County is in serious trouble.” I posted the 50% child poverty level on the KP a few years back during a political discussion. The child poverty level has been around 50% for the last decade! With the loss of coal mine jobs and the like with no real manufacturing jobs on the near horizon, it doesn’t look good! Also, with the children’s CHIPS healthcare program up in the air as far as funding, it will be even worse for these poor children.

  3. jd718 says:

    Over-Base, Now that’s a Hoot! Riverboat gambling is not coming, get used to that fact….

  4. jorn jensen says:

    Ouch, Scott_Starr, that was pretty good!

  5. WaveThatFlag says:

    Jorn, you are spot on again! Why are we not ALL OVER THIS?1?

    Riverboat gambling would be great for the local economy.

  6. Resident says:

    This is going to come down to a judgement call. Yes, Armstrong County officials in the past did want to be included with Allegheny County (for funding) but look at a State Counties map. Four Counties come together at that spot in a +. Butlter and Westmoreland Counties claim to touch there also. If all these counties touch there the shared border is less than a centimeter.
    While looking up the map I noticed that according to the census, almost 50% of the children in Armstrong School District live below the Federal Poverty Level. 50%!!! This County is in serious trouble. Stop fighting with each other because it certainly doesn’t help make the County look attractive to people who could make a difference.

  7. mark says:

    John Deere, DENIGRATE! You got the stones to say Jorn denigrates?!! Well if dat ain`t the pot callin the kettle! That is just, as we say in these parts, a HOOT! Happy New Year to all.

  8. jd718 says:

    @ Jerry6, Jenny is just instigating, that’s what he does. The very reason he got in trouble and the reason he’s disliked by some people. Jennny probably has a grudge against Pascal so he will denigrate him any chance he gets.

  9. scott_starr says:

    Chuck, it’s called a survey, not legislation which determines the aspect of contiguous. Contiguous is by definition an aspect of “location”.

    Strange that Chuck seems to know what has been “going on” since 2003, in terms of geographical boundray lines…maybe keep an eye on things in Leeeeeeeechburg which are a bit more important.

    Maybe Chucks friend Dave Wolf to serve papers to the PA Gaming Oversight Board ?

  10. blutoblutarsky says:

    They’re probably saying what everyone else is (including Diebold’s wife)…. that they were deceived. None of these people knew what he was doing, so I’m not sure why you’re attempting to tie them in with it beyond holding a grudge for your admittance of your crime.
    Did you pay your fine yet Jenny?

  11. cartman says:

    Jensen is right again. If they’re gonna spend their money, why not here?

  12. mark says:

    Wow… a confident councilman. Your turn on the hotseat Jorn!

  13. jerry6 says:

    Jensen, why are bringing me into your stupid blogging on here. You just confirmed for me how stupid you are when you are always bragging about your education. Just let me out of your stupid comments.

  14. mad-2010 says:

    Try This: “Newly elected Leechburg Councilman Chuck Pascal said he had no idea this allegedly was going on, and he is confident that no one on council or the mayor did, either.”

  15. jorn jensen says:

    Comments not allowed on the December 12, 2017, Chucky Pascal article regarding Diebold, so I’ll pull a Jerry6. Wonder what Chucky and ‘friends’ have to say about that situation now?

  16. jorn jensen says:

    How corrupt! Someone doesn’t want competition for the Rivers Casino.
    Riverboat gambling off a dock in Fjord City or Kittanning might breathe some life into local tourism and hotels/restaurants.
    Gamblers are going to gamble, even if they have to travel to do so. Why not spend that money locally?

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