Ford City Begins With One Less Council Person

The 2018 Ford City Council took their seats last night. Pictured from left to right: Tyson Klukan, Carol Fenyes, Ray Klukan, Beth Bowser, Marc Mantini, and Mayor Jeff Cogley. (submitted photo)

Newly-elected council members took their seats last night in Ford City – minus one member that is yet to win the November 2017 election.

Armstrong County Voters Registration Director Jennifer B. Bellas explained the situation.

“In Ford City Borough – for 2nd Ward Council, there were three openings for the four-year term. Two candidates, Tyson Klukan and Beth Bowser, were on the ballot, and they won. For the third council seat, there were two write in candidates that were very close – Joseph Peters and Mary Alice Bryant. This office doesn’t accumulate the different variations of spellings for write-in candidates. The hearing to decide the winner of the third seat is scheduled for January 16, 2018, and the judge will have to issue his ruling on the winner which could take a couple more days following (the hearing).”