New Restaurant to Open Tonight at Crooked Creek

Last minute preparations are being made to Ryan’s Creek House near the Crooked Creek Dam. It opens tonight at 4:30 PM.

It was five years ago that Ryan Bloser brought property at 171 Crooked Creek Dan Road in Bethel Township.

A computer geek entrepreneur, he said he was sitting on his back porch listening to a verse in Jimmy Buffet’s Nautical Wheelers that says: “…where the jukebox is blasting and the liquor is flowing, an occasional bottle of wine.” Bloser said he pictured a place where all walks of life, all occasions, all members of the community could gather, eat, drink, and be treated with the best service, best food and best libations. The concept of Ryan’s Creek House was born.

Bloser has no experience in the food or hospitality industry. He is currently employed as the Director of Finance for UPMC in Pittsburgh. But his desire to build businesses in Armstrong County is huge — big enough for a venture that has tapped his personal life as well as his bank account.

Bloser decided to build a structure that he says will typify the heritage of rural Armstrong County. The building was honed from Douglas Firs in Oregon and made their journey to the state of Indiana to be shaped for the restaurant’s timber frame. The ambiance inside merge rustic elegance with the latest technology, including the largest TV installed in Armstrong County. ¬†¬†There are 72 taps that feature beer, wine, mead, and cider. Bloser brought in a Chief Culinary Architect Bennie Campbell and promises the menu and service “will change the norms of hospitality.”

Bloser said the doors will open at 4:30 this afternoon for business. He felt opening after Christmas is a perfect time, since customers will be looking to be pampered after all the work preparing holiday meals.

Starting Wednesday, the restaurant will be open from 11AM until 10PM daily.

Casual seating, a rustic atmosphere, and a full menu of food and drinks are awaiting customers tonight that are saving leftovers for lunch rather than dinner!