Hockenberry Honored With Achievement Award


The Armstrong County Health Care Consortium presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandy Hockenberry who always strives to serve others in her career, in the community, and in her personal life.

Sandy demonstrates dedication and service to the health care field by putting patient and resident needs above anything else. Sandy’s career is timeless because of who she is – people want to be around her because she cares. She has a passion for helping people and desires to provide excellent patient care.

When you walk into a facility people know Sandy by name. It could be an aide, resident, Director of Nursing or anyone, and Sandy makes them know that she is their advocate. In addition, Sandy is a source of comfort over the years and has never bowed out. She continues each day to be an inspiration to those with whom she works.

Sandy received her Licensed Practical Nurse license in 1979. She worked in Long Term Care since that time and more specifically, LTC Pharmacy since 1990. In 2000, she formed a partnership with a small group of co-workers and created a start-up company that included LTC Pharmacy and a small chain of retail pharmacies. The LTC division of the company was sold in 2015 to PCA Pharmacy and the last of the retail stores were just recently sold the summer of 2017. The main focus of Sandy’s nursing career has been on quality assurance and quality improvement.

Sandy always puts the needs of others ahead of herself. If there is a question, Sandy will investigate and search until she is comfortable with the correct answer. She is always willing to share stories and memories with friends and relatives of those who have died. Plus, she gives a shoulder to cry on to friends who have a health issue within the family.

Sandy supports friends and cheers at community events to support causes such as MS. Sandy has provided not only quality customer service but kindness and compassion, and dedication to the health care community. She has nurtured the community by providing jobs, maintaining a pharmacy and caring about health care in Armstrong County.