New Supervisor Appointed in North Buffalo

Although not officially sworn in yet following her appointment as a supervisor, Jennifer Matarrese was invited to sit at the table with supervisors Clark Whiteman and David Wolfe at last night’s public meeting.

NORTH BUFFALO – Township supervisors appointed a third supervisor at last night’s public meeting.

Jennifer Matarrese was selected to fulfill the unexpired term on Paul Kirkwood who passed away October 24, 2017. ¬†According to the county’s website, Republican Nicole Stover won the November election, defeating David Stitt for the seat. However, Stover was ruled ineligible due to residency requirements, which left the seat vacant.

Only two persons applied for the appointment – Matarrese and another resident, Steve Moore. Interviews were held prior to last night’s meeting and Matarrese was selected.

Matarrese said she had considered running for the position several times in the past.

“For the past few years that I have lived here, I have had a few people ask me to run for supervisor, and I always said no. Lately, things have changed. I’ve been living in the township now for 13 years and I want to see some changes in the township. I want to see some improvements. I want to see younger families coming in, more recreation, and other things that are a benefit to North Buffalo for the entire community.”

Matarrese is married and has two children. Her family lives on Miller Lane.

“I don’t have a job currently outside the home. I have had other experiences in real estate when I lived outside the state. I volunteer at the schools and the church.”

Matarrese will serve until the end of 2019 when she will have to either run on the ballot to be elected to the position or give up her seat in 2020.