(Video) Students Entertain Ahead of Holiday Concert

Students from Divine Redeemer School in Ford City entertain yesterday afternoon at the Ford City Senior Center. Their performance features a mix of vocals and bell numbers.

Students from Divine Redeemer Catholic School in Ford City held their annual Christmas concert last night at the St. Mary’s Parish Hall in Kittanning.

However, the Bell Choir added a preview performance for the participants of the Ford City Senior Center yesterday morning.

Music Director Tamara Bernot said 17 students are in the Bell Choir, but not all of them attended yesterday’s Senior Center performance.  In addition, students from the sixth grade accompanied the group.

She said the students are required for weekly practice sessions.

“The kids in Bell Choir practice during school for a half-hour every Monday. Students are selected from the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade.”

Bernot said there is musical training, but the students improvise as well.

“They read notes on sheets of paper, but they basically know the tunes (in their head) so when they see their note, they know when to come in.”

During music class, Bernot said she prepares the selections they will perform in concert. She also instructs all of the students at the school in learning church music.

Bernot said there are several Christmas performances each December.

“We perform for St. Nick night on December 6, then we do the Christmas concert every year.”

The Bell Choir received numerous applause at both the Senior Center yesterday morning and the concert last night.


(L-R) Leah Clark, Maria Belsone, Caleb Akins carefully watch their musical sheets as they sing and perform with fellow classmates in the Divine Redeemer Bell Choir.