Businessman Involved in Wednesday Night Crash

Two vehicles narrowly avoided another vehicle that cross the center line of North Water Street and ended up in the lawn of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The driver was taken to the hospital but was not seriously injured.

KITTANNING – A Kittanning businessman avoided serious injury when his vehicle went out of control on North Water Street in downtown Kittanning.

Angelo Mantini was driving south on North Water Street. He crossed into the northbound lane, striking a parking meter. His vehicle continued upon to the sidewalk in front of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, jumping the landscape curb, barely missing the brick sign in the church’s lawn, and coming to rest in the side driveway adjacent to a parking lot.

Keith Kordes was driving north and swerved out of the way when Mantini’s vehicle crossed the street in front of him, taking out the parking meter. Kordes said the car in front of him was inches away from being hit.

“I don’t know how she missed him,” Kordes said. “He was in the middle of the road at first. He just kept coming. No brakes or anything.”

Kordes said he pulled over into a parking space and immediately called 9-1-1. He then went over to the vehicle to check on Mantini.

Kittanning Police arrived on the scene in addition to Kittanning Hose Company #1. Kittanning #6 Ambulance Service transported Mantini to ACMH Hospital. There is no word on his condition.

Mantini was scheduled to open a restaurant/coffee bar in the former Nolte Body Shop on South Water Street. He has spent most of the year extensively remodeling the building. There has been no formal announcement of the date of the grand opening.