ACMH Named Armstrong County Employer of the Year

At its December 8, 2017 Board meeting, the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board, Inc. presented an Employer of the Year Award in Armstrong, Butler, and Indiana Counties for employers who have significantly contributed to the workforce development system within the region.  This award highlights the collaboration of business and workforce development in the three counties. All three companies have significantly contributed to building a skilled workforce.

In Armstrong County, ACMH Hospital was selected as the Employer of the Year.

ACMH CEO John Lewis accepts the award for his organization being named Armstrong County Employer of the Year.

ACMH Hospital has been a trusted member of the community since 1898. ACMH offers a comprehensive array of services – many of which are unique for a community hospital.  ACMH is an increasingly advanced community healthcare system with services like: lung cancer diagnostic procedures, esophageal surgeries, concussion care, cardiovascular interventional services, and knee and shoulder replacement. ACMH is becoming synonymous with innovation in community care delivery and has evolved to become a destination point of care for many throughout the region. ACMH Hospital is committed to improving the emotional and physical health of its patients through superior clinical care and the compassionate management of illness and disability. ACMH currently has 1,008 employees.

Armstrong County Memorial Hospital has invested a significant amount of time improving and transforming the workforce development programs and actively engaging youth development at ACMH.  ACMH contributed to the development of the ACMH School of Radiologic Technology, a hospital-based certificate program, which provides education in a professional environment to prepare students for a career as a radiologic technologist. The ACMH School of Radiologic Technology is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). Additional accreditation through Clarion University, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and Butler County Community College allow for students to further their education after receiving classes at ACMH.

ACMH is an active member of the Armstrong County Healthcare Consortium and participates in several committees. Through the consortium, ACMH encourages local high school students to visit and tour businesses representing a variety of industries, including IT, healthcare and manufacturing. ACMH also utilizes the professional development opportunities afforded by the Healthcare Consortium.  ACMH is registered on the PA CareerLink® JobGateway® system and utilizes the system by posting jobs and working with various PA CareerLink® partners.  ACMH’s commitment to the local workforce system, youth pipeline development, and the Tri-County Business-Education Partnership is commendable. ACMH does not seek attention or tribute, but its leadership and dedication to the healthcare sector have been and will continue to be instrumental to the economic and workforce development initiatives in Armstrong County and surrounding areas.

The Butler County award went to Oberg Industries. In Indiana County, the Indiana County Technology Center was the recipient.

The Tri-County Workforce Investment Board, Inc. (TCWIB), the grant recipient and administrative entity of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA), is a consortium serving the counties of Armstrong, Butler and Indiana. TCWIB provides key policy decisions affecting the local workforce development system, and certifies the Pennsylvania CareerLink® centers. In addition, TCWIB provides Title I services to Adults, Youth, and Dislocated Workers through its Title I service providers. The goal of the programs is to increase employment, retention, earnings, and occupational skill attainment of the participants who receive services.