Kittanning Police Chief Warns of Holiday Crime

Kittanning Police Chief Bruce Mathews outlined precautions to avoid criminal activity this holiday season. (2017 KP File Photo)

Kittanning Borough Police Chief Bruce Mathews warned of increased criminal activity during the holidays.

“As a reminder to our residents, track your packages. If packages are delivered to your home, make arrangements to have them set out of sight. A simple note on the door to move packages left or right goes a long way.

“Make sure you lock your vehicle. Don’t have anything in plain sight. Don’t leave valuables or gifts in vehicles. Lock them in your trunk or take them with you.

“Be aware of your surroundings (when you are out shopping). At this day and age with the cell phone and technology, people are not as aware of what is going on around them. They are constantly on their phones.”

“Holidays don’t end December 26. Be cautious of what you throw out. Break down the large boxes. Don’t advertise your purchases by leaving the boxes by the garbage cans.”

Chief Mathews said his officers answered 291 calls during November – a noticeable decrease from an average of nearly 400 calls per month.

During Monday’s Council meeting, Mathews publicly thanked the Kittanning Eagles for their donation of $2,600 for portable radios. The current radios are at the end of their life cycle. Effective on January 1, 2018, parts will no longer be available from the manufacturer. In addition, a possible change could occur requiring radios to be encrypted to meet PSP standards. County grants typically only cover radios mounted inside the police car. The Eagles donation lightened the load on an already strapped 2018 budget in Kittanning Borough.

Council also voted to extend the time required for new police officer Philip Young to move into the Borough. By union contract, new officers must re-locate into the Borough within six-months of being hired. After a lengthy discussion, Council deviated from the contract and gave Young an additional six months to make Kittanning his home by a vote of 5-3.


15 comments on “Kittanning Police Chief Warns of Holiday Crime
  1. opie2 says:

    I’ll say Christmas caroling could end up on a sour note

  2. blutoblutarsky says:

    Rainbow, Maybe Santa will bring Jenny a panic room for Xmas. haha

  3. blutoblutarsky says:

    Mary02, That must have been an extremely polite intruder… knocking on the door and all.

  4. Rainbow Rider says:

    jenny hides behind his inadequate signs and his security system. I hope no Christmas carolers show up at his place!!!

  5. mary02 says:

    That elderly man shot and killed a real intruder that smashed a window out to gain access to his home. He didn’t knock on the door to give him a paper.

  6. steve says:

    Jenny- Someone breaking into your house is a little different than when you pretended to be scared of someone after you attempted to intimidate them for handing you a piece of paper.
    You better put a sign out early this year to ward off those scary Girl Scouts. It’s almost cookie selling season.

  7. Marc says:

    Santa will be safe this year. Remember, one has to go into three days of hiding after someone knocks on your door. He may climb out of his bunker in enough time to give the Easter bunny a good thrashing.

  8. jorn jensen says:

    Did you creepy clowns see where the 85 year old guy, in Ellport, PA, shot and killed one home intruder at 1:30 AM while the other one got away?

    That’s why we have property rights, invasion of privacy rights and Castle Doctrine rights.

    Let’s see how that case goes.

    A friend and employee, Paul Cox, now deceased, lived in Ellport. Back when drive-by shootings were the ‘in thing’, Paul and I had a conversation about that. He said, “Drive-by shootings will not be an issue in Ellport – the first case will yield a 10X return fire and it will end abruptly.” Perhaps Paul had a crystal ball.

  9. Rainbow Rider says:

    He’ll probably tell Santa to ” get your fat A– off my property ” !!!

  10. opie2 says:

    I don’t know but, if I was Santa delivering that lump of coal I would be afraid of getting pistol whipped and shoved out the door with that lump of coal up his keister.

  11. opie2 says:

    That’s #1. Lol.

  12. Marc says:

    It’s probably safe to say that if you pointed a gun at someone, got charged with a crime or threatened to run people over with your car this year… you’ll be getting a lump of coal. 😉

  13. opie2 says:

    Hey Rainbow? I wonder if there is a list of people on this comment section that is getting a lump of coal for Christmas.

  14. opie2 says:

    The Creepy Clowns are alive and well in Clown Kingdom. Thanks for asking.

  15. Rainbow Rider says:

    How about those creepy clowns?

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