Commission Wants to Explore Parking Meter Changes in Ford City

Ford City Planning Commission Secretary Richard Wakefield said the group is studying the need for parking meters in Ford City.

FORD CITY – The Ford City Planning Commission is looking at the need for parking meters in the town.

Planning Commission Secretary Richard Wakefield said his group wants to study the revenue received from parking meters.

“We’re looking to review the whole ordinance on parking. We started it about a year ago, but put it aside while we went after the master plan and total zoning ordinance. Some businesses have two-hour free parking in front of it while another business just one block away has a meter.”

They ran up against a wall when the financial records did not separate parking fines from meter income.

“We asked that question and received an answer that (the Borough financial report) cannot differentiate meter money from fines, from street sweeping fines, etc. That was new information that we heard.”

In July 2017, the Kittanning Paper requested information from Ford City Police Chief Michael Greenlee in the financial breakdown. That information was not immediately available.

Greenlee now says the issue has been remedied, but Councilman Tyson Klukan could not find it on his financial reports.

Wakefield acknowledged that there is revenue coming in from parking meters, and that making changes could have adverse effects on Borough income.

Ford City Police Chief Michael Greenlee said changes to the parking ordinance requires proper notice, and cannot be immediately or temporarily changed.

“We want to test the effect of the revenue stream – how much money are we getting out of these meters. If we take money away, somehow the Borough has to deal with that. We wanted to do a test run December until January to see what the effect is on the revenue so we know what we are dealing with, and then go back in and review that ordinance.”

Wakefield suggested making two-hour parking throughout the Borough or just give free parking during the entire month of December. December was chosen because the Borough normally gives free parking throughout the two-week holiday season between Christmas and New Years to attract customers to shop in Ford City.

“We chose December because it’s that time of year where we could be nice and offer free parking. I think I will go back to our Planning Commission and say ‘we missed the opportunity. We couldn’t do this fast enough and correctly. You don’t want to do something wrong.”

Greenlee said it is not possible without changing the ordinance to just move to two-hour parking borough-wide.

“You have to have proper signage so the people know it has changed to two-hour. There has to be public notification (for a period of time). But we can choose to stop enforcing it for that period of time. If we want free parking, it should just be free parking across the board for the Christmas season.”

No decision was made by Council on offering free parking, but it is anticipated the topic of free parking for the two-week holiday period will be on the agenda for the December 11th public meeting at 6:30 PM.


15 comments on “Commission Wants to Explore Parking Meter Changes in Ford City
  1. mad-2010 says:

    Ford City could offer free parking zones or free parking days. Any comparison to Wal-Mart or any Mall is ridiculous.

  2. jorn jensen says:

    On gambling – Resident’s topic of riverboat gambling just off the old PPG site is a good one. Yes, Cranberry and Butler are bigger money, but they don’t have the Allegheny River. The idea is to bring money in to Fjord City, not get more money out of the residents. Look at the logistics – for east/west travel, there’s the Fjord City bridge and Graff bridge, and for north/south, there’s route 28 and 66 – Fjord City is accessible. Riverboat gambling would create another ‘use’ of the river and locks – a goal of the ARDC – a good goal for the local economy. Riverboat Gambling could put Fjord City back on the map. Sure, there’s all of the ills with the gambling world, but remember this – gamblers will gamble – if they don’t gamble here, they’ll go there and gamble. Salamanca, New York, comes to mind – a crapper of a town, but a massive, beautiful casino that has busloads traveling in.

    On parking meters – “We chose December because it’s that time of year where we could be nice and offer free parking.” So, only be nice for one month of the year? And be Grinches the other 11 months of the year? Really? You want people to come and shop in Fjord City? Wal*Mart offers free parking year-round. Imagine that. Parking meters had their purpose back then, but, today, they’re like rotary-dial phones and some people hang on to them. Shopping centers and malls put parking meters into the history books – some people just haven’t caught on yet. Promote business? Trash the parking meters entirely.

  3. mark says:

    The county/state/fed sucks $ from all who have ANY addictions. Might as well suck from the gamblers too. County has BIG legal bills to pay!

  4. Rainbow Rider says:

    On the casino article. Just get your hands on the Tuesday edition of the LT. It is becoming clear that the state ‘MAY’ have sent this proposal to every borough in the Commonwealth. IF SO , then the LT article was perhaps premature and it may not even be likely to happen.

  5. Rainbow Rider says:

    Lying wimp Mark, just what was the attire you were dressed in on light up night? Please describe this in detail so we know who you are. If you have the guts that you act like you have go ahead and give a full description of yourself. You say ” you guys wouldn’t even speak to me”. Hell no we didn’t speak to you, nobody knows who you are! Put up or shut up! You’re all mouth and big talk.

  6. Resident says:

    There is currently no plan to build a casino in Ford City. Every Borough and Twp that is in the ‘Casino zone’ has until the end of the year to pass a resolution saying ‘No, we don’t want this in our community!’ If the Borough does nothing they won’t be able to say No! to a casino later.
    The PPG site would make a nice spot for Riverboat gambling but Ford City is a little off the beaten path and the area doesn’t really have the population or wealth to be attractive. It would be more likely a casino developer would pick Butler or Cranberry over Ford City.

  7. jd718 says:

    Food for thought… Pennsylvania is second only to Nevada in commercial casino revenues.

  8. jd718 says:

    Rainbow, Did the LT article say who the developers would be?

  9. mark says:

    he he he… I`ll be in the same attire I wore to Light Up Night and you guys wouldn`t even SPEAK to me!

  10. mad-2010 says:

    I didn’t ask you for anything Marko! Nor would I see you anywhere!

  11. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mark, you won’t be there. You’ve been proven a lying wimp.

  12. worthingtonman says:

    You know the state knows casinos are a bad idea when at the bottom of every ad they have to put the phone number for gamblers anonymous. I can already see the home foreclosures going thru the roof. I can see more access cards sold for 50 cents on the dollar and the need for food banks to grow. The revenue for the town is not worth the price the citizens will pay once they have a very local place to give their money away to. Hopefully the council can see thru the dollar signs at the damage this will do to the community.

  13. mark says:

    Public meeting next Wed to discuss casino. See you there StillMadin2017?

  14. mad-2010 says:

    Proposed gambling casino within Ford City? First I heard of this, Rainbow. Have any updates?

  15. Rainbow Rider says:

    Parking? Where’s the article on the proposed gambling casino within Ford City ?? It was on top of the front page of the LT yesterday!

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