North Buffalo Performed Road Maintenance in 2017

North Buffalo Township Supervisor is happy that various roads received maintenance during 2017.

NORTH BUFFALO – In his Roadmaster’s Report at the last public meeting, North Buffalo Township Supervisor David Wolfe identified several roads throughout the township that have had maintenance performed on them in 2017.

“We have had a problem for a number of years on Creek Road with the road collapsing over the embankment and a culvert pipe washing it out. We replaced the culvert pipe, but prior to that, we built up the roadside. Since it is on a very steep embankment, we purchased 2x2x6 and we built the road berm up that way. Then we put an 18-inch cross pipe in it. We have been checking it and it is holding up great. So we are going to go over and put some 2A modified (stone) on top of it.”

Wolfe said water problems have also plagued Bunker Hill Road.

“Bunker Hill Road has had a number of water issues over the years. They have been going down into one taxpayer’s house and washing out their driveway. There is a concrete culvert box that the former owner put in. It had an 8-inch line in it. It was plugged solid. So we took it off and ran (new pipe to it). We got that completed.

“Next to Mr. Patton’s property where there is a gas well, no one has maintained the gas well access road, so it is washing out onto Bunker Hill. It has an old concrete pipe under it. We unplugged it and cleaned out both ends and put a berm on it. We are going to try to divert the water by putting dirt u-p on the access road so it will come down along the sides rather than the middle (of the road).”

Wolfe said the Township spent $82,000 this year to tar-and-chip four roads. Another road cost an additional $13,000 in material.

Wolfe said the Suit-Kote Corporation, who specialize in road surfacing, was awarded the bid for the tar-and-chip process. However, next year the Township looks to do more of the work themselves.

“I wasn’t happy with what Suit-Kote did. I think we paid for too much stone. We got more stone on the side of the road. They didn’t sweep the roads properly. We had to go back out and sweep them. I just wasn’t happy. ┬áMy proposal is that we are going to tar-and-chip them. We will bid it out to have someone spray them and then we will chip them ourselves.”

The 2018 Budget is available for inspection by anyone at the township office on McHaddon Road. It will be adopted at the December 20th meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 7PM and the public is invited to attend.