FCHS 4th Avenue Entrance Demolished

The smell of mold was evident amid the dust and debris yesterday as workers demolished the entrance of the former Ford City High School. For more than 100 years, students used the Fourth Avenue entrance as their gateway to education.

Only the doors are standing at the Fourth Avenue entrance of the Ford City High School, giving a clear view to the space occupied by the auditorium.


This view of the demolition of Ford City’s 100-year-old high school is from 11th Street.

6 comments on “FCHS 4th Avenue Entrance Demolished
  1. WaveThatFlag says:

    Not worth the 200K that someone paid. Nothing is going to happen in Ford City.

  2. mark says:

    Tough to find ANY structure mold free. Bet the multi million dollar super school has some already. Is a sad sight though to see it being torn down. Do we have any statues around to tear down while the heavy equipment is here?

  3. Watchingfromadistance says:

    The story mentions dust, and mold in the air. How much asbestos fibers are in there also?

  4. jd718 says:

    Mold! That was then, This is now, New Mold…
    On Ford City, On Ford City………

  5. Modest_Citizen says:

    But, I thought Ford City High School did NOT have mold in it?!?!

  6. Modest_Citizen says:

    But, I thought that there was no mold at Ford City High School?!?!

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