Andreassi Says He is Exploring His Options

District Attorney Scott Andreassi is photographed at one of his many news conferences held over the past 20 years. He will leave his office at the end of this year. (KP 2017 File Photo)

Almost one week after his defeat in the General Election for Judge of Common Pleas court, District Attorney Scott Andreassi prepares to clean out his desk and move on to the next phase of his life. However, at this point, he admits he isn’t sure where that will be.

“We are exploring a number of options, but we will see what happens next. The good Lord has a plan for all of us,” Andreassi said.

Andreassi had nothing but good things to say as he congratulated Chase McClister on securing the seat.

“Obviously we were disappointed by the results, but I think Armstrong County will be well-served Mr. McClister as our next judge.”

Andreassi has been through five terms as District Attorney and is not new to running a political campaign. Although he said he never assumed he was leading in voter approval, he was surprised at the outcome.

“I was a bit surprised at the results. I thought they would be closer. But it’s the will of the voters and we accept that and will move on.”

Andreassi will now prepare his office to be occupied by Katie Charlton beginning in January. He said the current case load will not be affected by the change in leadership.

“I think it will be very smooth. We will work hard to make sure it is a smooth transition. I don’t think the criminal justice system will see any effect whatsoever from the transition.”

Andreassi stood on the steps of the place he has called his workplace for the past two decades. As he recalled several memories, he still has an eye to the future as he prepares to leave the Armstrong County Court House.

“It has been a privilege and honor to serve as District Attorney for the last 20 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am sure whatever comes next for me will be just as enjoyable.”