Chase McClister Elected Armstrong County Judge

Local attorney Chase McClister has been elected to the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas.

Local attorney Chase McClister has been elected as the newest judge who will sit on the bench of the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas.

McClister won over the former District Attorney Scott Andreassi who took the chance on running for Judge rather than continuing as the county’s litigator. McClister had 7,734 votes (56.21%)  to Andreassi’s 6013 votes (43.70%).

“I am just thrilled with the results, obviously. It’s been a lot of work. My campaign committee has worked very hard and I am thankful to all of them and the volunteers who helped today and throughout the last year, helping in so many ways to make this day a reality. Most of all, I would like to thank my wife Mindy and my sons, for all that they have endured in the last year with being a part of this campaign. They have been with me every step of the way. We’ve had fun.”

The race between McClister and Andreassi was considered to be a close race, and McClister was surprised by his lead.

“Most of the people seem to know more about these things predicted a very close race. So that was kind of what I was expecting because I had been told that so many times. I’m pleased with having a more decisive win rather than having a hare’s breath victory.”

McClister said the voters tuned into his message and it resulted in his win.

“I think that they saw through my message that they can trust me to be fair and be a responsible judge that will do right by the people of Armstrong County and that I share the values of the people who have elected me. That message came across and resulted in this outcome.”

McClister said he looks forward to working with President Judge James Panchik beginning in January.

78 comments on “Chase McClister Elected Armstrong County Judge
  1. mark says:

    Such talk from you children! Should have your mouths washed out with soap! Oh oh! Was that sexual? LOL! You can`t buy entertainment like this!

  2. opie2 says:

    Sure would be nice if this secrete club would give our special decoder rings and fancy robes. Would you have to kiss the Grand Poobah’ ring?

  3. opie2 says:

    Creepy Clowns would like to know how to get in these special watering hole meetings. Is there a special hand shake, a special hand signal or special password like, WERE HERE!

  4. Marc says:

    I’m reading through some of the comments I missed. Here’s a summary In case someone else doesn’t want to:
    1) Jenny lied again.
    2) Mark made a sexual reference, Steve mentioned that he did and admin left it there.
    3) Mark complained about immature comments although 99% of them came from him.
    4) I think wavethatflag is requesting some sort of showdown at a bar? LOL

  5. Rainbow Rider says:

    Getting a little too hot for you jenny?
    I’ve explained at least 10 times already that I am not a liberal. I’ve also explained explicitly to you that it’s not about libs, cons, or any other group. It’s completely about you, that’s you, an individual. It doesn’t matter ones background or beliefs, you painted an ugly picture of yourself on this site for years. You have backed up that ugly picture with ugly words and actions, countless times! It’s all proven! Many times!
    Once again, I’m not a lib but it wouldn’t matter if I was! You are still YOU!
    Get it?

  6. mad-2010 says:

    ” It is not about me.” Says the whining Criminal! Truth and Integrity will win in the end! Did you do it JJ? D*mn right you did it and you know it! Criminal!

  7. jd718 says:

    Rainbow, I think it was Bluto that said it first that he makes himself look bad at every turn, how true! (Note: don’t quote me on this though)
    He has more spin than a Soap Opera! lol

  8. jorn jensen says:

    Rainbow and Mad – This article is about Chase McClister being elected judge. It is not about me or you whining libnuts. Give it a rest already and move over to the other article and view your buddy as you read/write comments. LOL

  9. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mad2010, in another post he said they did it just to get me to spend my money!!

  10. mad-2010 says:

    “This whole thing was a political attack on me to break my spirit.” Political Attack my A**!
    JJ, had the financial statement been handed in on time nobody would be having this conversation! This is all on You own up to it already……

  11. Rainbow Rider says:

    On another thread jenny stated ” let’s get the creepy clowns over here” .
    No. Let’s leave them here and continue this discussion, especially now that Mark has been proven not only a liar but also a wimp!

  12. mark says:

    Steven, I fail to see ANY sexual reference in ANY of my posts. Please explain your accusation IF you can.

  13. mad-2010 says:

    Straight-Up Escapee from Western Psych! lol
    Jenny attracts those types of people!

  14. steve says:

    Mark, your November 17 2017, 11:26 AM post references a sexual act and you’re complaining about “childishness and senseless ridicule?”
    It certainly sounds like you need to grow up. Jenny would be better off without your “help” on this site. You’ve somehow found a way to make him look even worse than he makes himself.

  15. mark says:

    This topic, due to childish/senseless ridicule, will self destruct in 1… 2… 3… POOOF!

  16. WaveThatFlag says:

    The creepy clowns were last seen on Garret’s Run Road. How will they get to West Kittanning? Or is the water hole Stanley’s? Perhaps the Falcons?

  17. jd718 says:

    At Mark’s, in the basement, if his parents agree……..

  18. opie2 says:

    Will the Creepy Clowns need a bullet proof vest if they attend?

  19. opie2 says:

    At what time and what watering hole does these meetings take place. The Creepy Clowns would like to attend.

  20. WaveThatFlag says:

    When is the “local watering hole” debate going down? And what is considered the new “local watering hole”? The crafthaus?

  21. Rainbow Rider says:

    Funny how Fjenny never offered up any of these excuses or alibi’s during the 7 months that he took a battering on here between the time of the gun threatening and the trial date. By now there’s been plenty of time to replace fact with fiction and paint a picture of innocence.
    I’m going to look up that old country song titled ” Somebody Lied ” by Ricky Van Shelton.

  22. jd718 says:

    “This ridicule is sure getting old.” Really, Mark?
    “Children! The article is about Judge McClister! Straighten up!” Calling other posters Children would be considered ridicule by most normal people. You are quite the surrogate hypocrite, Wow!

  23. mad-2010 says:

    Mark Who? Why no update on that watering hole meeting? How many posters attended? What was the subject matter of your debate, Lonesome Dove? lol Have you improved your debate skills yet? If not the next time you do time-out you can focus on that, for sure!

  24. mad-2010 says:

    JJ, Really, “Your obsession must be tiring you out.” Never too tired, Workout 3 times a week. I am not an old man with a gun with a propagandizing rhetoric mouth like you! I’ll be here as long as you are here! lol Truth and Integrity will win in the end!

  25. steve says:

    Jensen, So you’re down to name calling now? Apparently catching you in a blatant lie upset you. Good.
    You just wrote, “I’ve explained the timing of my finding out that the police were looking for me – in this thread.”
    This is another lie. You attempted to explain this in the last thread that was deleted by the KP. Look below if you don’t believe me.
    In the deleted thread you stated that you only found out the police had a BOLO out for you when you saw it in the paper, now you’re saying Calarie told you. You’re trying to play it off like you were honest about this before. You weren’t. If you were, I wouldn’t have had to remind you that the news articles came out a week later and not the next day as you stated.
    According to Mark you hid for three days and according to the state police you fled the scene of your crime. I would believe a state police officer over you (an admitted criminal and obvious liar) any day.

  26. steve says:

    Mark, I’m certain that the only thing in it’s infancy here is you. I’m surprised admin let your remark make it to print, considering it references a sexual act. I do have a tip for you though. You don’t need a suit for people to know you’re a clown.

  27. mark says:

    I`m gonna take a “shot” in the dark here. Mad types with one hand.
    The watchdog group is in it`s infant stage and growing as there is PLENTY to feed it in this county.
    I`ll see you all at Light Up Night. I`ll be in the clown suit.
    Open to any/all discussion! LOL!

  28. jorn jensen says:

    Mad, really. Your obsession must be tiring you out. Pro-baby-killing Steve is correct on the newspaper story timing – it was exactly one week later than Wolfe’s 3 trespasses on my property. I’ve explained the timing of my finding out that the police were looking for me – in this thread.

    Tuesday, the day after Wolfe’s 3rd trespass, in phone conversation with Cindy Calarie, I had asked her about election law regarding the upcoming petition challenge in court on that Wednesday. She told me, in that conversation that the state police had a ‘be aware’ out on me and that I should go to the state police station to answer their questions. I did as she said.

    The following week, Tuesday, I believe, KP’s star reporter reported his version of the incident the prior week, and then Wednesday of that week, the story came out in the LT with the accusation that I’d fled the residence. I had gone to camp to work for the day, as I had planned before my day was rudely-interrupted by Dave Wolfe. Apparently, the state police looked everywhere except at camp – no one showed up there all day.

    So, I did learn of the state police looking for me that next day – Tuesday – but not from the newspaper – from Cindy Calarie.

    This whole thing was a political attack on me to break my spirit. That won’t happen. It has only empowered me to continue on. Intelligent, knowledgeable people know this – that includes the people in the local judicial system.

    Now, let it rest already and give Chase McClinster his article back.

  29. mad-2010 says:

    There’s at least one person in the know that should stick to the watchdog meetings that nobody showed up for. Duh! Since you invited every poster here to attend the watering hole debate how about an update! LOL Refer back to my escapee from Western Psych post. lol Be careful or you might end up in time-out again! lol
    WTFlag, There’s no free peanuts here only Truth and Integrity!

  30. mark says:

    Because there WAS a witness that could prove he didn`t flee the scene. Duh!
    Many of you boys/girls should do your research before typing. This ridicule is sure getting old. You in the “know” should consider finding a job to occupy your time. If the KP site would go down, you may end up even MORE lost. {refer back to my “paranoia” definition}

  31. opie2 says:

    An untrained monkey could have won the Auditor position too, if he had enough write-up in votes.

  32. WaveThatFlag says:

    I’m pretty sure Jorn is getting pounding here, not for lies, but rather because of his political views.

    You guys must be in the Free Peanuts band or something. I don’t get it.

  33. mad-2010 says:

    WTFlag, Obviously Jenny doesn’t want to explain his Lie about the flee timeline because he was caught in that Lie! This goes back to what I said about Truth and Integrity! He has little……

  34. mad-2010 says:

    WTFlag, Jenny put an explanation on the KP for the public to read! What part of that did you miss? Steve posted this on the KP in response to the Jenny post! “*You said, ” The next day, when I read the story in the KP and I learned that the police had been looking for me.”
    Steve said: ”This isn’t true* According to court documents the incident happened 3/13. The KP reported on it 3/21 and the LT 3/22. You obviously knew they were looking for you before the news reports and have just now decided to lie about the timeline to make it seem like you didn’t flee the scene.” The reprint was posted 11-9 on this thread, by Rainbow. It’s not that hard to keep up, WTFlag!
    “Why would he fight anything when the plea was favorable to him?” According to Jenny he had an ironclad case, why wouldn’t anyone what to be fully exonerated?

  35. WaveThatFlag says:

    Didn’t he say 86 from the start?

  36. Rainbow Rider says:

    46 has now become 86…. Another lie…..Yet again he says that the state had no witnesses, hmmm shall we infer from this that he would have committed purgery on the stand? If he’d had the guts to take the stand?

  37. WaveThatFlag says:

    Why would he fight anything when the plea was favorable to him? Why does he owe you any explanation in the first place.

    I didn’t read one thing that he lied about. Can you please tell me/show me where and how he lied and what about?

  38. mad-2010 says:

    If the case was so lopsided in your favor as you suggest, why did you take the Plea Deal? Also, in your last post where you explained your side of the incident, why did you Lie about the timeline about fleeing the scene? Hmm! If your case was so ironclad, why not be completely exonerated. Finally, If you have been found to Lie about the timeline of fleeing, why should you be believed at all?

  39. mad-2010 says:


    false information that is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.
    Lies will get you caught Jenny keep up the good work! LOL

  40. mad-2010 says:

    Originality doesn’t seem to be your strong suit! Try, Try again! LOL Neither is your research skills, lack of discipline, try another Oath! LOL

  41. jorn jensen says:

    Worthingtonman – Scott Andreassi did not “left me walk free.” Charges were filed and stayed right up to court. Scott Andreassi did his job. The State’s greatest weakness in this case was that an individual impersonated an official of the law, and that they had no witnesses, no evidence. Bad move. The “State” knew that an informed jury would make toast of their case. Mr. Wolfe now knows to stay off my property – ANY property of mine. Same goes for the other guys involved in this political ‘setup’ and they know who they are.

    86 people went to the trouble of writing in – that’s a lot of keystrokes and a lot of angry taxpayers. The comments that I got from people were close to amazing. “My husband did that for 6 years and couldn’t get any information out of them. Good luck, I wrote you in.” And similar comments. If we have to take them to court, so be it.

    WaveThatFlag – I’m invigorated by the naysayers. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  42. WaveThatFlag says:

    Jorn, don’t listen to these guys. Keep fighting the good fight and keep people informed about the local corruption and waste that have been tolerated around these parts for years.

  43. mark says:

    a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.

  44. mad-2010 says:

    WTFlag, It was a Crime scene, harassment is a Crime!

  45. mad-2010 says:

    Truth and Integrity – The old wave of a civilized society….
    “The article is about Judge McClister!” Hypocrisy Lingers, “Over Base” LOL

  46. Rainbow Rider says:

    Jenny will never be lonely as long as he has his imaginary playmates.

  47. mark says:

    Yep. Now we have ANOTHER lawsuit pending against the 3 amigos. Tax collectors. Oh, sorry, forgot the 4th commissioner Donnie. 4 amigos. Bet Mr. McClister is glad HE doesn`t have to preside over this one. But I didn`t see anything about this suit in this publication. So Rainbow, who do you think is typing THIS comment, huh? The Shadow knows….. ha ha ha ha ha!

  48. WaveThatFlag says:

    My personal enjoyment comes from all the experts that no everything about Jorn and Wolf’s encounter. Were you there hiding in the trees with binoculars?

  49. WaveThatFlag says:

    Obsession – it’s the new envy.

  50. mad-2010 says:

    Someone is wagging the dog at the newest watering hole! LOL Watchdog 101 to be continued! LOL

  51. mad-2010 says:

    I Agree 110% Wman….. WTFlag, huge win? LOL

  52. WaveThatFlag says:

    Congrats to both Chase for his huge win and for Jorn who received an enormous amount of write ins. Excellent showing man! We can’t let them continue to dictate the course of our county. Stand up and be heard!

  53. Rainbow Rider says:

    “46 write ins for supervisor” , yes, you , your wife, and 44 aliases 🙂

  54. mark says:

    Children! The article is about Judge McClister! Straighten up!

  55. worthingtonman says:

    Jensen I truly don’t think the supervisors are going to worry much about the scraggly ole thorn they are about to get in their side. You wrote in for a freaking auditor position nobody wanted. In fact the only reason you got it was because nobody wanted it. It’s a good thing for you that the part time DA 10-2 Scottie left you walk free. The exact reason why he got voted out. Hopefully the other two auditors are smart enough to figure you out and override the stupidity you are about to put onto West Franklin TWP

  56. mad-2010 says:

    Rainbow, I have had 2 comments on the scam article not make it to print also. Steve caught Jenny straight-up in that lie, good work with that one, Steve. Also correct is that the article was only 2 weeks old. I would have loved to hear the Jenny rebuttal myself. Jenny has been protected for some time on the KP, ask Steve, goes back years!

  57. steve says:

    Rainbow, The article was only two weeks old, not 30 days. The comments were erased for a reason. I saw Jenny responded, but you couldn’t see the response. Another threat perhaps? I don’t know, but it surely would have been an interesting read because of the blatant lie he was caught in. Please note that Mark and Jenny both made a few comments about nothing to also push this thread off of the recent comments section. It’s becoming very clear that there is an alias at play here.

  58. Rainbow Rider says:

    Another alias!!
    What is experiance? Is part of the disguise to misspell perhaps?

    Mad2010, you may be correct about the comments going blank after a month. I’m sure that could be adjusted by the moderators though. Possibly an explanation, but I think it was a protective move 😉 It’s happened many times before. I’ve had 3 comments not make it on to the site lately, guess who they were about?

  59. unclbuck says:


  60. jd718 says:

    Thanks for the reprint Rainbow there’s nothing like keeping them honest……

  61. jd718 says:

    Nothing like swatting the nest and then being caught in a D*mn Lie! LOL Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! The Peoples Choice! LOL

  62. mad-2010 says:

    Rainbow, I think the comments go blank after a month.

  63. Rainbow Rider says:

    Jensen, Cute story. How much of it is true? You said, ” The next day, when I read the story in the KP and I learned that the police had been looking for me.”
    *This isn’t true* According to court documents the incident happened 3/13. The KP reported on it 3/21 and the LT 3/22. You obviously knew they were looking for you before the news reports and have just now decided to lie about the timeline to make it seem like you didn’t flee the scene. This leads me to believe the story you presented in your post isn’t the truth. Not only are you an admitted criminal, apparently you’re also a liar.
    That is Steve’s post from yesterday that is no longer available for viewing it is absolutely true!

  64. Rainbow Rider says:

    What happened to the comments on the Township warns of area scams story?
    I know I won’t get an answer to that.
    Are we protecting someone?
    Steve proved him a bald faced liar and then the comments disappeared!
    All of them!
    There were some real beauty’s on there! We are trying to educate the public! Give us the chance!

  65. mad-2010 says:

    @ Steve, You have to laugh at the analogy Jenny gave under the scam article about the Liebeck v. McDonald’s coffee case which was a product liability lawsuit and his criminal case as his reasoning for taking the plea bargain! The whole Jenny post was typical Jenny Fluff. lol

  66. jd718 says:

    Maybe the secretary thought she had a box of paper left but discovered the next day that she did not have a box left after all! If so, there goes your gripe! Things just happen sometime, ever think of that?

  67. jd718 says:

    Well, You can tell from the Jenny post that they will just love him to death!

  68. Rainbow Rider says:

    “Didn’t see Brent Bowser standing out there in the rain greeting voters” .
    That’s because he was WORKING!!!
    You know, something that jensen consulting DOESN’T do! LOL
    He was doing things ” on task” !!!

  69. steve says:

    Rainbow- Just keep Jenny talking in public and he won’t be winning anything. It’s that simple.

  70. jorn jensen says:

    Rainbow, 362-46 is not a loss – it is a clear message from residents to the township management crew. So is the 86 write-ins.
    We will forge ahead……

  71. jorn jensen says:

    So what does that tell you about West Franklin Township management? A lot of upset people.

    Other townships have one of three supervisors as a roadmaster – this high-end township has a roadmaster in addition to three supervisors. Other townships have part-time secretary – West Franklin has a full-time secretary that gets overtime. Must be a real busy job. Four guys sitting around doing nothing on election day.

    The write-ins came easy – many upset people. Most complaining of terrible-condition roads, but we have a brand-spanking new massive circus tent because the roadmaster wanted it. I’ll guess that with all of this, we’ll be promised much better roads in the future, right?

    46 people went through the burdensome trouble of a write-in. A lot of credit goes to those people because that is a lot more effort than merely one click on a touchscreen.

    86 votes for auditor? Thanks for that info. That’s 86 people that also went through that same effort to navigate through the burdensome task of write-in on a touchscreen.

    Change is coming – slowly, but steadily.

    Guarantee you that Brent Bowser and Daryl Lewis are more concerned about the 46 write-ins than the 362 votes.

    Didn’t see Brent Bowser standing out there in the rain greeting voters. Pretty easy when your name simply appears on a ballot.

    Thank you people of West Franklin Township for stepping up to the task!

    People are upset with the mismanagement in this township.

    An example of mismanagement? Two guys riding in a township truck, right past Staples, to go to Walsh Equipment to pick up a blade for some road working machine. Next day, the secretary drives to Staples for a box of paper. One guy, with the truck, could have done both tasks and freed up others for other work. Or, have Walsh and Staples load up their stuff and ship it and keep the West Franklin Township employees ‘on-task’ in the township.

    Real tough to think through that sort of thing.

  72. mad-2010 says:

    Thanks for the Information Rainbow. The gun puller finally gets a community service job. Also, Congrats Chase…..

  73. Rainbow Rider says:

    Just to clarify my earlier post. If the majority of the 86 write in votes are for gunny then he is the auditor. I know of no one else that was seeking the position so it’s likely he won by default. With his history they’d better not have any discrepancies in the books! For supervisor, if all the write ins were for him he lost 362 – 46. This massive defeat won’t deter him however!

  74. Rainbow Rider says:

    Congratulations to Chase!
    In other news there were no candidates for auditor in West Franklin Township. The gun puller was handing out papers and asking people to consider him for supervisor and auditor of West Franklin. There were 86 write in votes. They probably have a criminal auditor now. For supervisor the tally was 362 votes for Brent Bowser and 46 write ins.

  75. worthingtonman says:

    Congratulations Chase.

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