Chase McClister Elected Armstrong County Judge

Local attorney Chase McClister has been elected to the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas.

Local attorney Chase McClister has been elected as the newest judge who will sit on the bench of the Armstrong County Court of Common Pleas.

McClister won over the former District Attorney Scott Andreassi who took the chance on running for Judge rather than continuing as the county’s litigator. McClister had 7,734 votes (56.21%)  to Andreassi’s 6013 votes (43.70%).

“I am just thrilled with the results, obviously. It’s been a lot of work. My campaign committee has worked very hard and I am thankful to all of them and the volunteers who helped today and throughout the last year, helping in so many ways to make this day a reality. Most of all, I would like to thank my wife Mindy and my sons, for all that they have endured in the last year with being a part of this campaign. They have been with me every step of the way. We’ve had fun.”

The race between McClister and Andreassi was considered to be a close race, and McClister was surprised by his lead.

“Most of the people seem to know more about these things predicted a very close race. So that was kind of what I was expecting because I had been told that so many times. I’m pleased with having a more decisive win rather than having a hare’s breath victory.”

McClister said the voters tuned into his message and it resulted in his win.

“I think that they saw through my message that they can trust me to be fair and be a responsible judge that will do right by the people of Armstrong County and that I share the values of the people who have elected me. That message came across and resulted in this outcome.”

McClister said he looks forward to working with President Judge James Panchik beginning in January.