Manor Township Fire Department Comes to Agreement with George Duckstein

                 George Duckstein

MANOR – As of last night, George Duckstein now has a key once again to the Manor Township Fire Hall.

As reported exclusively in the Kittanning Paper yesterday, Duckstein came to a meeting of township supervisors on Wednesday night seeking resolution. Duckstein organizes monthly food bank distribution and is Judge of Elections for Manor Township. For the past 18 years, he has been able to come and go in order to set up for his events.

However, recent security issues not related to Duckstein caused fire executives to change locks and Duckstein found himself locked out.

Supervisor Don Palmer setup a meeting with the fire department Board of Directors last night to resolve the problem.

“Basically what it boiled down to was a miscommunication, not following the proper lines of communication and talking to the fire department members. They are more than willing to work out a resolution. We probably had that resolution within ten minutes of starting the meeting. They are going to give (Duckstein) a key fob for another access door at the fire hall. As far as we can see at this point, that issue is resolved.”

Palmer said the tone of the meeting from the start was very optimistic.

“All of the Board members, including (Fire Chief) Chad Evans was very positive and definitely wants to work with Mr. Duckstein to make sure that the food bank continues, the elections are held at the fire hall. All the groups involved are here for the community. That is one of the reasons I wanted to mediate this meeting and make sure we got the results  we actually ended up with tonight.”

Palmer said the original intent was not to exclude Duckstein from having access, but rather happened as a result of changes in fire hall security.

“It wasn’t the fire department trying to be hard on (Duckstein). There has been security issues at the fire department. There has been numerous attempts at break-ins. They had to take control of that. Unfortunately Mr. Duckstein and his group fell into that problem area. It wasn’t something that was looked at prior to being addressed last night. Now that we discussed it, the solution was easy.”

A poll conducted by the Kittanning Paper website yesterday showed 63% of those polled felt the fire department should give Duckstein a key.

Palmer praised the fire department and Duckstein for their willingness to cooperate through this transition.