Ghouls Turn Out for Halloween Parade in Ford City

Ghouls of all types were in attendance at this year’s Halloween Parade in Ford City.

Autumn Dowling is handed a gold coin by a member of the Ford City Lions Club. She is accompanied by Dustin Dowling and Angela Trimpey at the Ford City Hose Co. #1 fire department.

The 2017 Halloween Parade was led by the Armstrong Sr. High Marching Band under the direction of Jason Venesky. It had 300 marchers and four floats.

The parade is organized by the Ford City Activities Committee, Inc. with co-sponsorship of the Ford City Lions Club and the co-operation of the Ford City Fire Department and Police Department.

Each costumed marcher received a gold coin for participation. Additional prizes were handed out based on originality and creativity of the marchers in the following categories:

Band Division: Madison Strotman, Seth Schall

Float Division: *First Place:* “Under the Sea”, Ashley Bemish, April Bemish, Amanda Haynes, Heather Brandon, Losan & Tanner Bemish, Riley & Emma Haynes, Caleb Brendon *Second Place:* “Cleopayra Queen of the Allegheny”, Regina & Margot Mantini *Third Place: *” Father Time & Broom-Hilda”, Sonny Travis & Anna Lasher * Fourth Place:* “AHS Girls Soccer Ghouls”, Katelyn Rimmel, Jada Wetzell, Lacey Birch, Kierstin Garner, Bailey Bevington, Kiowa Sweeney, Savannah Colberg, Rebecca Fair, Courtney Beers, Alexa Mechling

Large Group: *First Place:* ” Da Bones”, Cindy Solak, Dustin Dowling, Angie Trimpey, Autum Dowling, Mason Cogley *Second Place:* ” Linnon Circus”, Luke, Bailey, Karson, Jade Linnon & Charlie* Third Place:* “Goldie Locks & the 3 Bears”, Dylan, Patty, Samanatha & Erie Jageman *
Fourth Place:* “Safari Trophies”, Wade, Tre, Hannah & Parker Megown, Laucas Savers * Fifth Place:* “Emojis”, Becky, Tatum, Greg Milligan, Jennifer Montero, Zachary Boarts * Sixth Place:* “Pack 670”, Robert & Kelly Ehrman, Zachary Nelson, Joey & Jaisa Vensel, Ray Kilgore, Aiden
Johnston, Troy Martin, Jace & Aria Huston, Damian, Gwen & Madison Wadding

Thousands lined the streets for the Halloween Parade, including Abby Collar, Ashley Collar, and “Petie” the Jack Russell, who was dressed in an emoji costume.

Small Group: *First Place: * “Prisoner & Policeman”, Kaylyn Szynanski & Decklin Tancraitor *Second Place:* “Whole New World (Aladdin)” Calista & Amy Shehaffhauser, Brad Graham & Rocky *Third Place: * “Farmer & Cow with Tractor”, Owen & Hudson Danka * Fourth Place:* “Singer & Karoke Machine”, Joseph & Monica Shields *Fifth Place*: “Police”, Emily & Ron Klingensmith, Nick Rosemiller & Finn the dog

Individuals: *First Place*: “Strawberry”, Ana Fink * Second Place*: “Peacock”, Bianca Bondi *Third Place:* “Scarecrow”, Kayden Smith *Fourth Place*: “Claw Machine”, Lily Petrie *Fifth Place*: “Toy Soldier” , Beau Anthony* Sixth Place:* “Pumpkin Patch”, Bryson Klimkowicz

The parade committee wishes to thank all of the businesses, fraternal and civic service clubs and individuals for the donations that make this event possible.