Ball Field Considered for Heritage Park

East Franklin Township will consider at tonight’s meeting the creation of a ball field at Heritage Park. The brown area was recently mowed that uncovered a large parcel of flat land near the pavilion and volleyball court.

Although summer activities have come to a close, East Franklin Township supervisors are looking ahead to next year already.

Supervisor David Stewart said they will consider at tonight’s public meeting a section of Heritage Park behind the West Hills school complex to create new recreational opportunities.

“We have a section at Heritage Park that we would like to build a softball field or Little League field. It can be used by the public for practice, family games, or pickup games. Whatever. Around the outside parameter, we’re hoping to get the disc golf in for next Spring.”

Stewart said the area they are considering has been overgrown with brush over recent years.

“When we mowed off the one section, it was nice and flat. It looked like the perfect place for a ball field. It’s close to the pavilion.”

A small creek flows between the new softball field area and the volleyball court and pavilion. Stewart said he doesn’t see that as a problem.

“We may have to build a little bridge across the creek, but we were amazed how flat it was because the whole park is built on hills.”

The area was formerly used by the school, Stewart said.

“It actually was where the old sewer plant was for the school before public sewage went in. The briars were so high you couldn’t tell it was flat.”

He said the tract of land is approximately 200 square yards.

“It’s going to take some work because there are roots from trees that were two inches in diameter. But it is going to come out nice I think.”

He will present the concept to his fellow supervisors tonight at 6PM in the township building.