One of Two Dogs Die in Burrell

BURRELL – A hiker found two male dogs locked in metal crates Tuesday morning.

The crates were in a creek near Polka Hollow Road in Burrell Township near Cochran Mills Road.

A reddish dog was dead. The surviving injured dog was transported to Orphans of the Storm in Rayburn Township.

There were no collars on either dog.

If you have any information about these dogs, please contact the Manor Police at (724) 763-9677.

There is a reward of at least $500 for information leading to the conviction of this person.

One comment on “One of Two Dogs Die in Burrell
  1. mark says:

    Let the dogs loose if you don`t want them. They at least have a shot. And PLEASE publish the name of the criminal if/when caught KP!

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