(VIDEO) Police Catch Kittanning Man After Two-Hour Chase

A man wanted on several warrants was caught yesterday afternoon in Kittanning.

The Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous tip that a 25-year-old man known to police as Frankie  Cousins was in the area of Oak Avenue. According to Detective Frank Pitzer, that is when Cousins took off and police pursued.

Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department question Frankie Cousins after he was captured in an unlocked basement off of Oak Avenue across from Arc Manor.

“We tracked him down into an area near the Kittanning Court House on Oak Avenue. A foot chase ensued. We chased him for several blocks. We believe he went through one of the sewers at 118 Oak Avenue, got up into East Kittanning on the hill behind the Rayburn Township Fire Department. That is where Detective Young spotted him. A foot chase ensued from there. They came down behind Arc Manor. Essentially, we got a tip he was hiding on a porch.”

Pitzer said Cousins took a fishing coat from an Oak Avenue porch and proceeded several houses down before making his way into an unlocked basement door.

Pitzer said he and Kittanning Police Officer Phil Young saw Cousins actually swallow pills and a white substance thought to be cocaine. The white powder was all around his lips when he was arrested.

“He maneuvered himself between several houses. Myself and Detective Young were going house to house, and located him in a basement area. He was laying down and actually ingesting some drugs”.

In addition to outstanding warrants for his arrest from previous incidents, Cousins will be charged with theft, fleeing and alluding police officers, as well as various counts pertaining to illegal drugs.

Paramedics responded as Cousins was held at the scene for nearly an hour after his capture to observe his reaction to the drugs and if he needed to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Finally, paramedics were released.

Cousins was taken to the Kittanning Police Station for processing, then was placed in the Armstrong County Jail.

Frank Cousins smiles for the camera as he is placed in the police vehicle for transport to the Armstrong County Jail.

6 comments on “(VIDEO) Police Catch Kittanning Man After Two-Hour Chase
  1. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mark 😉 lol , funny how you’re all of a sudden taking such a hard stance against people who break the law. You defended jensen clear up to the point of making yourself look stupid. Remember the ” somebody could have been hurt ” and the coon getting into the garbage in the daytime story you told?
    Why the leniency for that criminal but not for others?

  2. opie2 says:

    Most likely no teeth left from smoking crack, therefore no Ipana smile.

  3. mark says:

    Could we get a picture of him after he crashes from his buzz? Where is that Ipana smile now?

  4. Greg says:

    Momma must be so proud.

  5. jd718 says:

    Nothing to be proud about with this joker, Lock-em up! Take him out to the curb and then on to the dump! Drugs and Armstrong County, Wow!

  6. Snarf says:

    “Hey mom, look at me!”

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