Applewold Turns Out for Town Meeting

Applewold Mayor Gretchen Dosch welcomes the town’s folk that came out to a public meeting last night.

APPLEWOLD – Applewold Borough Council gave up their chairs and stood after more than 30 people were in attendance at last night’s public meeting.

The meeting lasted for more than an hour as the neighbors showed up to discuss vandalism, problem renters, and police protection.

For the past several years, Applewold Borough has paid for Kittanning Borough Police to handle issues in their town.

Resident Janet Dunbar said there have been several break-ins at her house. She said the individual has been identified by a witness, but is frustrated that nothing has been done to date.

“The woman was seen going into my house. There was a witness.¬† And nothing has been conveyed to me that anything at all is going on, and I am very angry! These people need to know that because it’s continuing to happen. This woman is continuing to wreak havoc on the neighborhood.”

Kittanning Borough Police Chief Bruce Mathews said he could not comment in an open forum on the case, but invited Dunbar to make an appointment at the police station to discuss it.

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Kittanning Borough Police Chief Bruce Mathews discusses crime and lawlessness in Applewold Borough.

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“We are here now collectively as a whole so we can address these things and move forward and we can make changes. It’s a process,” Mathews said.

Dunbar said she is afraid to leave her house to go to work. She pushed for resolution in the case.

“As a citizen, I did my part. And since this happened to me, I know it has happened to four or five other people. Nothing is changing. It’s continuing to go on. It has been months.”

Carolyn Hancock said her concern was the number of vehicles that were not properly licensed.

“I see a lot of vehicles in people’s back yards, alleys, and they don’t have inspections or valid license plates on them. I’m wondering what we can do to clean up the borough and get rid of these vehicles.”

Council President Mark Feeney said a new ordinance that should be in place by next month will address Hancock’s complaint.

“We are enacting an ordinance for the cars. We are enacting two people¬† (Feeney and Mayor Gretchen Dosch) who can enforce. We go to the magistrate, we file the paperwork, we’re the bad people that (tells the vehicle owner they are in violation and gives them 30 days or face fines). We do know it’s there and it has finally come to where we are going to do it.”

Resident Carman Johnson praised the efforts by the police, stating she has had to call them several times and they responded quickly.

Resident Judy Kennedy had concerns about children running the streets late at night.

“With Halloween coming, I am asking for enforcing, or at least putting it out there to the parents, that children should not be out after 9PM. I grew up here as a child and (after) the nine o’clock curfew, you are at home. I think that is something we should encourage and promote.”

Several complaints centered around the rental property of Mike and Brittney Kinzey. They have had to evict several tenants due to issues within the community. Both were present at last night’s meeting to listen to neighbors who openly discussed their concerns with the Kinzeys.

Mike said they do background checks for their renters, while Brittney said they often get inaccurate information.

“These people are always nice to your face. You meet them, and obviously you can’t hang out with them for a month to find out if they are going to be good or not. You call all previous landlords and they tell you they pay and are great, because they want them out of there, so they pass them off. I try doing (background checks) as thorough as I can with people.”

The meeting was recorded and will be shown Thursday night at 9PM on Family-Life TV ( or Comcast cable channel 23).

Janet Dunbar says she is afraid to go to work since a person broke into her home. She is frustrated that the person has not been arrested yet.