State Police Show Up at East Franklin Meeting

State Police Corporal Robert Joseph addressed East Franklin Township supervisors last night at their monthly meeting.

East Franklin Township supervisors had a surprise visit from the Pennsylvania State Police last night. Corporal Robert Joseph attended the meeting to get feedback on things they could do to be more proactive in the township.

“We’re suppose to attend township meetings all over the county. We try to attend one or two per month. This just happened to be tonight, and I happened to be working, so I thought, ‘I’m going to go up there and attend.'”

Joseph is a resident of East Franklin Township, so interaction with the supervisors has a personal meaning to him.

He told supervisors that with the amount of criminal activity that has escalated in Sugarcreek and Brady’s Bend townships, he is concerned it will filter down to East Franklin.

“It’s just your normal problems we have been having for 20 years, but now it just started happening up there. It could happen around here because we are real close to Sugarcreek Township and Brady’s Bend Township. We are the next township down. So, normal progression, it will filter down eventually.”

Joseph wouldn’t elaborate on the specifics of the activity, but said calls have increased to those areas.

Supervisors ask him to consider patrols of Heritage Park near the West Hills School. He said he would relay the request and it would be placed on the schedule.