Local Woman Begins Treatment With Positive Attitude

Bobbi Ruth Blinn credits early detection and her faith in God as she travels toward a cancer-free life after doctors removed a lump last month from her breast.

For Bobbi Ruth Blinn, the last thing she expected as she nears her 80th birthday was to be diagnosed with cancer.

She went for her yearly mammogram in June when the test showed something. She was scheduled for another mammogram to be sure, followed by an ultra sound. Doctors were not pleased with those results, so she had a biopsy, which showed it was malignant.

“They scheduled surgery. The lump was 1.5 centimeters, but whatever size it is, it isn’t good. On August 25th, I had surgery. They removed the lump. But my lymph nodes were negative. So I didn’t have that to battle.”

The medical term for Bobbi Ruth’s cancer was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

While her diagnosis and recovery may not be typical for every woman who faces breast cancer, she agrees that early detection was key. While she is just three months now into the process, she said her health is stable.

“I have been doing fine. They are trying to decide if I need Chemo or that type of a treatment. They are going to decide what I am going to have after the radiation. Maybe I won’t need any. I’m working. I might get a little tired.”

Bobbi Ruth attributes her tiredness to a stroke she had last year which temporarily left her paralyzed on her left side. In addition, she plays piano numerous times a week for various church groups and refused to stop.

“I go constantly. I mow my grass, I weed whack. I don’t stop my activities. I think it tires me out. I still work at Bauer (funeral home). Keep moving! I try to do everything I can do.”

Sometimes Bobbi Ruth is criticized for her openness and joking manner that she deals with the subject of her health. She openly talks about it when someone asks how she is doing. She said her faith plays an important part in her outlook of the present and the future.

“I’m a person of faith. You are suppose to thank the Lord for everything that comes into your life. A lot of people forget that. I’m human. You have your feelings, but the Lord has certainly brought me through. I have so much peace about it. I haven’t got excited about it. I never had any anxiety. God just gives you the peace. That’s the way I look at it.”

Bobbi Ruth, who has no other family in the area, decided to have all of her treatment done at ACMH rather than at a Pittsburgh facility. She praised the staff.

“I’m very, very pleased with the hospital and the Cancer Center and all that work there. I have had tremendous care from everyone.”

She said that while she is technically not classified as a cancer survivor yet, she plans to be one. She plans to celebrate her 80th birthday next June, she said, if God permits.


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