Second Person Charged in Sugarcreek Murder

Cheyanna Dawn Lebaron has been charged with Criminal Homicide in the murder of George Burdette, Jr. of Sugarcreek Township. (Facebook photo)

SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP – A second person has been charged in the death of 59-year-old George Burdette Jr. of Sugarcreek Township.

Burdette was murdered by his son, George Burdette III, in late evening on July 11. The son and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Cheyanna Lebaron, took the father’s body to a wooded area approximately two miles from their Little Road home. They returned and the son set a mattress on fire of the mobile home.

Click here to for more details from the news conference held on July 15, 2017 and watch video.

Following the arrest of the son on unrelated gun charges on Friday night, Lebaron told police of the gory details. She said the son was upset because his father disrespected her earlier that day. She said they were residing with his father, and came home around 11PM. The son went into the bathroom and poured bleach into a cup. He proceeded to throw it in the face of his father, who was on the couch, to disorient him. He then took a wooden baseball bat and began striking him on the head. Lebaron said that after the third or fourth blow to the head, the father’s head split open. She covered him with a blanket. Early on July 12, the couple transported the body wrapped in plastic to a wooded area off Burns Hill Road.

At 3AM Saturday, July 16, Lebaron escorted police to the wooded site where they found the body.

The son was arraigned and charged with Criminal Homicide late Saturday morning and placed in the Armstrong County Jail.

On the evening of Saturday, July 15, charges of Criminal Homicide were filed against Lebaron. She was arraigned and placed in the Armstrong County Jail without bail.