North Buffalo Gets Grant for Johnston Road Repair

Supervisor David Wolfe said a grant is making it possible for North Buffalo Township to do repairs to Johnston Road.NORTH BUFFALO – Township Supervisors have applied and received a “Dirt and Gravel Road” grant through the Armstrong County Conservation District for the installation of underdrain and cross pipe replacement for Johnston Road.

The need for the underdrain is designed as an attempt to take as much water away from the road edge as possible.

Residents should be seeing township road maintenance workers beginning cross cutting areas of several cross pipes which will be replaced.

The remaining work is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 17. Work will be done between 7AM and 3:30 PM daily until completion. David Wolfe, Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors, said the work is scheduled to be completed by August 14.Â

The work will be done four days each week, Monday through Thursday. Road access will be limited to residents living on Johnston and Creek roads and emergency vehicles during working hours.

Wolfe said every attempt will be made to lessen the disruption while traveling these roads while the work is being done.

Questions may be directed to the township office at 724-543-5035.